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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

oh those magical little characters

ya know, when i think of pooh bear and piglet i get misty. i think of my kids as babies. i think of that song playing at my wedding and my brother pretty much losing it, cause all growing up i had called him kristopher robin. sweet memories. buuut i am forever tainted thanks to layla grace. yes, that sweet little three y-o. she is without a doubt on my top five list for the oddest people i know. our conversation at dinner the other night went something like this: Layla- i have to go poo.... and she trails off knowing i am going to yell at her for talking grossly at the table. i ask her to repeat herself but figure out a knew way to say it so she isnt being gross. she says "i have to go pooh bear. is that okay? " how do i work with that? to make it better the next day she decided it should be called pooh bear for #1 and piglet for #2. sigh.