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Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Quick Catsup

Please don't get me started on the ketchup/Catsup fiasco. I have no answers.)

Here is a quick look at the life in the Brewer household over the past few months to make up for the lack of blog posts. Please forgive me my slacking. As soon as student teaching is through, I will be back to writing. For now, please accept these pictures as a token of my love.

Eli and Layla Grace were baptized at our church. Obviously I cried.
Addison became a hair dresser and decorated Ms. Jessica up real real nice.

We took the kids ice skating for our family day. In addition to Eli's hair being amazing, ice skating with five children is hilarious.

Eli got a haircut and was given some recreation clothes. Thanks again Harrisons.

We got a new jungle gym. These are the best sort of hand-me-downs.

Eli turned 9 and decided if Jeffro Harrison can wear pink, so can he.
Layla Grace turned 8. Sigh.

Mike is now 34 and still a fire fighter :)

And Eli allowed his sisters to convince him that he would look great as a girl. Double sigh.
And I picked up my cap and gown. CAN YOU STAND IT!! The excitement is killing me!
I realized my kids are all very weird. Again, I did not pose them. This is just who they are.
We took the kids bowling for family day. And I thought ice skating was entertaining!
And Miss Addison lost her first tooth. There are 6 more wiggling their way out at any second. No kidding. Someone pass me an apple!

Thank you for hanging with us through these crazy times. I miss being here. See you soon. Five weeks and counting!

Friday, April 16, 2010

God is So Good

My Husband was shown the real deal of God's grace this week. A memo went out showing a list of names of people up for lay off with the fire department, in order by random drawing. Out of the 18 people on the list, My Husband was slated as number 9. Mr. In the Middle. If they laid off any number less than 9, he would be safe. The memo stated that 9 were to be laid off. Then you prayed. Then we prayed. There was much prayer. So many of you encouraged us, hugged us, and reminded us to keep our chins right where they should be. God reminded me that I fully trusted him when we got this job, so I should fully trust him this day as well.

We made precautions where possible, did the snuggling and healthy denial we discussed earlier, and then a new memo was sent out. This new memo said 8 firefighters were to be laid off. Eight. Just eight. Just one shy of My Husband. Just one shy so God is able to show how close he is holding us. Right there, see us? We are right there in his hands.

God is so good. Thank you all for your prayers again.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Lay off letters are scheduled for delivery tomorrow. There has been some discrepancy on whether or not Mike is on the list. We are snuggling, praying, and believing in God today the same as we did when Mike got this job. Pray.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


This weekend, my husband and I spent time together in healthy denial.
We shipped the kids off, pulled our mattress into our living room, and snuggled.
He is due to get his official lay off notice this week, but we have already seen the list, and he is on it. Instantly, I got a belly ache, and then I prayed.

I have felt a strong desire to snuggle lately. I have snuggled with my husband plenty, but my desire is to snuggle up with God so he can serve as a protective bubble. I cannot mentally take more right now. The devil thinks he has us licked (iykwim), but he doesn't. I am choosing to snuggle with God. Right there, in his hands.
Michael is an unbelievable husband, a hardworking firefighter,
and an even more amazing father. God doesn't forget people like that,
and we are choosing to believe God is going to work miracles through our situation.
God is bigger than the lay off lists...also, the boogey man. So, suck it satan.