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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

yummy to my tummy

hey it's girl scout cookie time and my daughter happens to be a girl scout. anyone wanna support her to becoming a stronger, more in touch with nature, able to tie a knot when she is in a pickle future? puuhhhlease!!!! remember when we home school and dont have a car to be involved in ANY outside activities and! go to a smallish church. we have no friends. please help. we are already shipping most of our boxes out of state. how sad.

i'd like to throw a shout out to noel for buying some thin mints and let you know that you can have three cookies and still be within a healthy dessert range according to First Place. lol.

Monday, January 30, 2006


whoever said no news is good news is stupid. :/
i havent gotten a wheel letter. i only have till wednesday. this makes me nervous. quick someone tell me one of those great stories where God waited till the very last second...oh wait i have one. abraham.
thats a good one. i bet isaac thought his dad was just whacky.

Monday, January 16, 2006

a prophetic word

sooo. church on sunday was great. worship was what i heard of it after being 15 minutes late. but i have to be honest and say that, realizing this is never God's intention, i get nervous when someone stands to give a prophetic word. especially about specific individuals. somewhat cause people can be lunatics and just spout silliness not at all prophetic or from God. trusting our pastor's judgement it was easy to go along. but then the what if's creep in and suddenly by brain is flooded with the memories of all the rotten just plain awful things i have done or been a part of in my life. even the time when my parents were divorcing and i told my mom i wanted to live with my dad. i was rotten about it. just mean. she was trying to takie me out to dinner and i was just angry and, well, 14 and emotional so i refused to eat even though i was seriously starving. actually i could really go for that pizza NOW. ::snicker::
anyway. it is so bad in my mind that i was even waiting for a call from louie asking me to come back to church cause johanass (sp?) forgot someone. ack! i have issues. but really, was no one else a little nervous?
and on another note, isnt there supposed to be some verification when someone stands before a congregation and prophesies? just curious.

Friday, January 13, 2006

dont you love it?

i love when i aske my kids (layla usually) how something happened and they reply with the "it was on accident" line. today i wasnt falling for it because no matter how you slice it, there is NO way you can "accidentally" put a popcorn seed in the electric pencil sharpener. that is right up there with accidentally getting pregnant. yah...okay!
at least she isnt choving the popcorn seed in places it will eventually begin to smell :/ ew.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

why i like mike #8

he won't go into bed at night without me. even if i have hours of work and he has to be up at 2am (which happens regularly. you should thank him for your snowless roads and debris-less under bridges) he will sleep on the couch until i am ready for bed. then neither of us are lonely. he is my lobster. (another friends ref.)

Thursday, January 05, 2006

the studio is full of prizes just waiting to be won!

guess what i got in my email box yesterday....just'll never guess so let me tell you.
as it turns out the WHEEL OF FORTUNE has asked me to come back for a final audition. :)
soooo. set your prayer clocks for wednesday jan 18th at 2:30. that is my interview. i need my voice to be back so i can sing if they ask me if i have any special talents. i realize this is not american idol (sadly i am officially too old) but on stage in front of all those people that are just too excited to be there! they love singers. it worked for my sis in law who left that stage with 20 something g's.
yay for me yay for me. i have made my husband smile twice in one month. gitty smiling too. first the whole boy thing....then the wheel. and honestly american idol is starting its new season the night before my audition! could i *be any happier (say this in your best chinandler bong voice )