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Friday, January 26, 2007

collecting words

Not enough of you read my homeschool blog to post this there, but I need some help. Isabelle has finished her list of words she needs to know how to spell before the end of third grade. YAY you say, but that leaves us four months of wordless schooling. Here are some samples. Feel free to add some. Isabelle won't appreciate it as much as I do, but thanks.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Keep on Keepin on!

In keeping with my get healthier theme, I have come up with a daily food journal that I feel is helpful. Every get healthy/diet/live it plan recommends writing down what you eat and your accomplishments if you are going to be successful. So far I realize a few things about myself: I don't eat nearly enough food (although what I eat is pretty healthy), I don't drink enough water, I don't spend nearly enough time in the word (not bird or grease), I do not stick to my household routine! On the positive side, I do eat fairly healthy, I do well with my portion sizes, I eat more dairy than I thought which is great because I pretty much hate dairy, and I do a good job of eating every couple of hours. Today, I am working at doing just a little bit better in each section. I can't share my food journal with you people, because I am unable to use the return feature on my blog (stupid) so if you happen to want a copy, email me and I will forward it off to you. :) Happy eating.

Monday, January 22, 2007


I am trying to get the life on track, which, for me usually happens when the newest Brewer baby is pushing his or her first birthday. This time, I am not going to wait. Sam Fisher is decidedly a great sleeper and with the rest of the kids so independent and able to help out with The Squirrel, I have a few minutes in the morning to focus on me. I don't know why this is such a struggle with women, but I know I am not the only one who has to decide daily if I am going to read my bible, shower, or exercise first thing in the morning. Probably I should always choose my quiet time, but when I see a window around lunch time that is free from the usual household hulla-baloo (children arguing over breakfast in the next room, children throwing cheerios at each other to see if they will stick, other children hating this game and shrieking in disapproval, first set of cheerio throwing clan riddled with giggles because it is causing so much discomfort-thus an added bonus to the discovery of sticking cheerios...sigh) You get the picture. Anyway, Ellen has recruited Bob Harper (Biggest Loser)the show, not my personal take on him) to get her ready to host the Oscars in about a month. He has given her a list of foods she may eat, an exercise regimen, and opened it up to others with the hope that each of us will lose ten pounds in one month. Now, by the Biggest Loser's standards that is piddly for a months worth of working out and dieting. For me, it is just what I needed; any more would be too much! In addition I am re-starting my bible study, Becoming the Woman God Wants You to Be. The author takes the approach of focusing on every important area of our lives (body, spirit, mind) and adding positive elements that will naturally get rid of the negative (ie, drinking the right amount of water each day will leave you not so thirsty for pop OR memorizing scripture will give you ammunition for battling those lies from the devil.) I am not big on new year resolutions, so I am hoping I am in this for good and not needing to repost this next January. Wish me luck. I would like to hear any healthy tips you all have that seem easy and have stuck in your regular routine. Personally, I am a freak for smoothies, which is a great way to sneak in vegetable servings and yogurt. I have also replaced my computer chair with my exercise ball.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Why I like Mike #12

He still gives me butterflies after 11 years of marriage. Oh, and DAMN he is hot!

Friday, January 05, 2007

This made me giggle

When someone asks me to save his place in
line so he can take his son to the bathroom,
I agree, but when they come back I exclaim,
"Hey, what's going on? No cuts!" Then I
love looking over my shoulder and waving at
the loser as he fumes at the back of the line.
People need to learn just what a true
commitment to Space Mountain involves.

(Doug Sykes)

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Life choices

This is going to be a big year, and I don't mean in the form of my belly! HA! At least I hope not. On New Year's Eve, The Man and I listed many of the things that would change over this next year. For us, they note worthy.*We will be debt free by April * Sam will learn to walk :) * Addison will really begin talking* our children will turn 1,3,5,6,and 9. Mike and I will turn 31 * Mike will graduate from the Fire Academy * Addison will begin preschool * We will get a family vehicle allowing our family to ride together and argue on the way to church like a normal family * I will submit my book to the publisher I have been talking with * We will move into a new, hopefully bigger, house that we own * Sam will say his first word * There is a decent chance we will not have a baby * Layla will start kindergarten, Isabelle will begin 4th grade, and Elijah will be a first grader * Eli and Layla will learn how to read * The Man and I will celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary * I will become a sophomore in college * Mike will earn his associates degree * I will get rid of my maternity clothes and any baby clothes that don't fit my existing children * I will get rid of much baby paraphernalia such as the swing, playpen, bouncy seat, pacifiers, bottles, breast pump, etc. * Sam will get more teeth so we can stop calling him baby squirrel * I will get a check from the Wheel of Fortune * I will get to buy $1000 worth of movies on someone else's tab * I will be on national television and Wheel parties will be thrown across the nation in my honor * These are just a few of the great milestones we came up with. I would love to read what the rest of you are looking forward to this year.