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Monday, August 31, 2009

Fall is Around the Corner

How do I know fall is coming? My senses tell me so.
Smells: Pumpkin spice surrounds me via candles and lattes. Cinnamon is donning the grocery store shelves as it is smothered on pine cones. My fave.
Sights: My burning maple tree has beautiful red leaves mixed with the green now. My burning bushes are bright red. Stunning. School supplies are everywhere and "If I knew your address, I would send you a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils." Three less children, except when I work at school with them.
Tastes: um. hello. I already TOLD you- pumpkin spice lattes. Baked goods al'a Auntie Mel are making chubbier. DARN YOU MELISSA AND YOUR SCRUMPTIOUS BAKED GOODS!!
Sounds: quiet. Last night, at 7:30, my herd of children were loaded into jammies and bed leaving my husband and I to snuggle under my ever-christmas lights and the glow of the television. It was excellent. Seriously excellent.
Touch: snuggling. Occasionally the weather in Reno will freak out early and give us a random chilly day. Those days I make Moby Richard sit on my feet and my children snuggle with me under my favorite family heirloom quilt.
The Sixth Sense: I see dead people...wait. sorry. never mind.

Friday, August 28, 2009

And So It Begins...

This week I was given permission to sit in on all the pre-start day teacher meetings in order to rub elbows and get in a few observation hours.
The highlight was the principal delivering the Sexual Harassment lecture with the use of PowerPoint. In his heavy Turkish accent, "Okay, this slide says (stops to read it) sexual harassment, don't do it."
I left with three sub jobs, about ten observation hours down, and hopefully was helpful to a few teachers.
I think my student teaching assignment was approved.
I have five months to work and save enough money to pay someone to keep Sam and Addison during that student teaching time, and spend enough time with them that I don't feel horribly sad leaving them to work a full time job in February. Sigh. I am sad already.
Homeschooling starts in one week. I am giving myself the week to get the kids in school, give everyone time to spend memories with Mike's mom, who will be here Tuesday, and a little time to have a day get away with my entire family including Mike's mom. We don't all fit in my car, so that should be interesting. We may pawn off Sam-I-Am. Any takers? Thursday and maybe Friday.
Still in serious need of downsizing responsibilities. Struggling with how that looks and not wanting to bail on anyone or anything. Going to pray a bit more, but thinking you all may only see my shadow until July. It doesn't mean I don't love you.
Goodbye forever. (line stolen from PW)

Monday, August 24, 2009

This is what it is like when other people move into your house. Also, there is almost always dessert.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Occupation: Wife, mom to many, student, substitute teacher
Marital Status: Very Married, iykwim
Reside: Reno, the awesomest place in Nevada

I am a wife. That makes me happy.

I was asleep, but God thinks it's funny to wake me often with other's prayer needs. I need less dysfunctional friends.

I think raspberries and chocolate are the yummiest combo.

I know God has big plans for my family or he wouldn't have made so many of us.

I wonder if I will be of the 50 %of teachers who quit in their first five years.

I hope I can get a job when I finally graduate.

I wish I could be home with my kids AND work as a teacher.

I save every letter or little note from my husband- even scratch paper goodbyes. I have 15 years worth.

I can live without high maintenance people.

I can't wait for Christmas this year. So much family and my kids are all big enough for it to be great!

I have too many things I want to do with my day. Play guitar, stay in bed with my husband all day, snuggle with my children in front of the television, homework, read, responsibilities, quilt, scrap, be outside, hang out with friends, travel, etc..............

I believe my husband and I can get out of debt if we listen to God more closely.

I promise to never let a green bean grace these lips. (except for when they are hidden in lumpia)

I want to stop being such a procrastinator and be better organized.
I realized I am not nearly thankful enough to God for my life.

Still, it's a good life.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Reno Aces and the Children

We took the kids to an Aces game. It was excellent, although we lost. sigh. Instead of taking the kids out of town for a vacation, we decided to get the tickets and let them pick out souvenirs. Layla Grace got earrings, Eli got a t-shirt, Izzy got a ginormous foam finger, and The Man and I got hats. Seriously, good times! Especially because we all got hot dogs. mmm ball park franks are DELISH!!
* Oh, and I totally dedicate the last song on my play list to Josh Whitesell. Is he really gone? sigh. From what I have read, he may be back soon if he doesn't start batting.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Conversations With My Kids

Me: half snoozing, half reading my book in bed.

Eli: (walks in with two pieces of peanut butter toast which are topped with sliced bananas and honey.mmmm) Do you want these two pieces of peanut butter toast topped with bananas and honey?


Eli: All you have to say is, "Eli is the greatest and I am a nerd."

Me: ahahahaa

Thursday, August 13, 2009


One minute ago: I was checking my emails, reconnecting with a friend I haven't heard from for a while. Her baby just started 7th grade. sniff.

One hour ago: I was doing chores so my husband will come home to a loving, cleanish house.

One day ago: I was in my last night of my Children's Literature class. The countdown is on! 11 months!

One week ago: I was staying up late, visiting with some Vegas friends. I was so busy praying that they would move here, I didn't really hear anything they said the whole time they were here. snicker. I was so sad to see them go. sigh.

One month ago: I was cleaning my house to get it ready for our new roomies, who I love, oh so much. Especially on the nights they make dinner.

One year ago: I was just beginning my Junior year of university, so excited to finally be learning something that seemed appropriate to my future career. I was also settling into our first fall here in this house. Happiness.

One decade ago: I had one baby, lived in an apartment in Vegas, never saw my husband because of his insane work schedule, and was already starting to listen to God about Reno.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

What is Happening #3

I know I just posted one of these, but a friend sent me pics of her family visiting in Japan, and this picture made me laugh right out loud. So, what are your guesses?

I think they are just shopping, but Erin will have to clarify their oh so confused looks. Simon and Grace :)