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Monday, April 27, 2009

Easter Finale

This is Sam, Fisher of Men's face when I tell him he can't have more candy.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Grizzabelle Rose

Happy Birthday Miss Isabelle Rose.

42 the number of weeks I carried you.
12 the number of days you were late coming out.

3 the number of times I went into labor before they would let you come out.
14.5 the number of hours I labored with you.
1 the number of Big Sticks Daddy snuck into the labor room to wile away the hours.
a gazillion about the number of diapers you wore in your lifetime.
2 the size diapers you wore when you were potty trained.
4 the number of times you became a big sister and rocked at it.
about 100 the number of times you put your hands on your hips in exasperation before age 2.
3 the age you were when you taught yourself to write your name.
3 the number of times you were the cutest flower girl ever!
about 100 the number of times you watched Aristocats.
2 the number of times we have had to get your ears pierced.
11 the number of Christmases I have spent with you so far.
11 the number of times you have blown out birthday candles.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring Breaking- On with the hunt

Cousins: Kena and Addison are going to be those really old ladies who hate each other, but love each other, and share a room in an elderly care facility. They will most likely fight over the "hot" old grandpa down the hall.

Eli's stash

Tristan is such a crazy little spaz. He always looks like this. He isn't making a face.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Egg Coloring

This is spring break number two. There are a few more. It was a fun week. Mostly free, which makes it even better.

I don't fully understand this pose. He was trying something new I guess.

This was Sam trying to keep from smiling. Fight it if you want.

Camo eggs, obviously.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring Break Side Note

I will finish posting about Easter/Spring Break, but first, this makes me giggle a lot.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Happy. Also, today I started thinking about what it would have been like to be alive when Jesus was on the earth and living through the weekend he was crucified. Whatever your religious ideas, they would have been hectic days. I imagine the news of controversy spread everywhere: Barabbas, Jesus? Then the questions, or doubts, or anticipation. When was Jesus going to set himself free? When was God going to rescue him? Why was God allowing Jesus to suffer so much? I bet some people even smugly thought God was going to come down and smite Jesus' oppressors. I probably would have.

Then I started thinking about what I would have thought when they said Jesus was truly dead. What? How can he be dead? There must be a mistake. I expected him to smite and punish and call fire down on the sinners. I don't understand any of this. God, where are you.

What would I have told my children?

What would I have told my friends who always thought I was a little crazy for believing Jesus was the son of God?

Would I have been like Peter? He gave up a little early and was seemingly out to save his own reputation, but would I have shrugged and said, 'wow, I guess I was wrong about Jesus. maybe he really was just a nice guy'?

How long would my human nature wait before I began looking for something or someone else to believe in?

I think I would have been waiting for a miracle at any minute. But then, they say he is dead. Friday night, I would have gathered with other believers-prayed, cried, asked questions.

Saturday, no miracle. My doubt growing. My mood swaying between confusion, anger, annoyance with my own doubt, grief, and anticipation. Then,


Friday, April 10, 2009

Surviving College

I hope this doesn't make me sound unloving, but I love my husband's work schedule. His schedule is a little crazy for some families, but for us, we like waking up to him coming home each morning. He works 24 hours at a time, which means I have to sleep alone every other night, but I have risen to the occasion, and I have come to enjoy my nights. I get into bed right after I tuck in my children- 8pm. Now that I have a tv in my room (we stole the kids' 19 incher from the loft), I can turn on mindless tv while i wile away the hours over homework.

Tonight I am doing just that. I have two episodes of The Office to catch up on and a week's worth of homework I haven't been able to do. Between family, friends, working 4 days this week, and getting ready for Easter (home and church), I have my work cut out for me. Mike just left for work, and he will be home Easter morning. That equals lots of homeworking. As much as I would LOVE to have my husband here, the fact is, I have a LOT of homework these days. I have 16 months left of this homework. So, for now, I see this schedule as a perk.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


We think so. Many of you read about our scare with Eli. We thought he was going to have to have his appendix removed. He had all the classic signs, and a few that I never would have thought of. In fact, did you know that appendicitis pain begins
right behind the belly button? Yah, well, it does. So when Eli kept telling me his tummy hurt so badly right behind his belly button, I said what all moms will say. "Do you have to poop?"

The more minutes that ticked by, the more worried I became. He was shivering, teeth chattering, hunched over in a way I have never seen. Then, he would sit up and be better for a few minutes. I hate when I am home alone -minus The Man- when stuff like this happens. I doubt myself, my thoughts, my medical findings.

I watched him a little while, then thought I should look up some appendicitis info on the Internet. I could squeeze in a little research while getting 5 kids ready for church and putting a few finishing touches on preschool lessons for the morning service, right?

I am always leery about looking up medical conditions; I feel like you automatically find whichever symptoms you are looking up. I googled cautiously. But when I realized the only symptom he didn't have was throwing up, I thought I should call Mike. Then Eli threw up. Awesome. We left nearly instantly. The neighbor took the rest of those kids, and he and I took off to the ER.

I don't know why this happens, but for moms, we get somewhat disappointed when we arrive at the doctors and the symptoms go away. We are looking for some sort of justification for bringing the kid in in the first place.
But, when I received the texts from Reno and Vegas saying many had stopped to pray, and Eli's symptoms suddenly went away, the phrase 'miracles still happen' flashed in my brain. We waited. For two days they tested that kid.

When they finally wheeled him in to do the ultrasound, they checked everything that could possibly cause him pain. The last thing they checked was his appendix. When the doctor told us they couldn't EVEN FIND it, I smirked a little. Maybe that is normal, I don't know, but I do know that God has healed that boy more times than I can count. Elijah Daniel. He has been named well. He is heavily under God's protection and has been since conception. And, he is going to touch lives. I am excited to watch God make it happen.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Cutting out Stress..hmmmm

Health issues suck, especially when you know you are the cause of them. The medical advice I have received lately has been less than helpful only because I feel I am not able to do what the professionals are recommending-either I don't agree with them, or I don't think it will work. So far the most common advice I get from good intenders is

You need to reduce the stress in your life.

While I agree that, I don't feel I have much I am able to cut out.

I mean, sometimes my husband stresses me out when he forgets to tell me I am right, but I don't want to cut him out. Then, all those children certainly add a lot to my day, but considering they aren't involved in anything extra curricular, it would come down to feeding them and keeping up with homework that keeps me rushed. Depending on how you parent, I suppose you could cut down on some of that. I don't think selling them is completely ethical, though they would fetch me a pretty penny with all their sweet skills!

I feel the need to sell items to get my total money makeover started, but considering my husband is not at all involved in doing it, I feel defeated already. I am not saying this to judge him; just pointing out that he is more balanced than I am and he is probably right. sigh. dang it. SEE the stress he causes me (murmur murmur mumble groan.)

My job is a necessity right now because of money, Mike losing his overtime is stressful because of money, driving places is stressful because of money, paying for school is stressful because of money, grocery shopping is stressful because of money....

Maybe I am stressed over money. I need creativity, peace, and faith. The money will come, or I have faith my need for it will decrease.