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Thursday, June 29, 2006

I hate it when I am lame

But i like it when God helps me to realize it oh so gently. I am in the beginnings of a Bible study called Becoming the Woman You Want to Be. Great stuff. it focuses on your body through healthy eating and exercise (which I am happily exempt from still he he), your spirit through Bible study and scripture memorization, and soul through daily actions to take toward becoming that person God has intended me to be. Today I read this-

"Discipline is the human effort to create the space in which God can be generous and give you what you need." Henri Nouwen

I love that quote.

Then I read-

"God will not love you any more if you assert your will, make the decisions, and put forth the effort to create a prayer oasis. God will not love you more if you wake up thirty minutes earlier each day to devote to prayer and reflection. These actions do not benefit God."

I know that I don't pray and live for God for his benefit. But, on too many days I have an attitude of "let me do you this favor and read my Bible this morning."

Lord, forgive me for being so full of myself. I haven't left you nearly enough room. I choose to remove me and fill up with you. Make me aware when I choose to do other things when I should be spending my mornings with you. You promise to lead me like your flock. Please help me to be a good follower, not just a dumb sheep. amen

Sunday, June 25, 2006


How can they just no longer make Peach flavored Jolly Ranchers. Is this even legal!!? I did a search on eBay for crying out loud, and only got one response. And it was for Peach scented Jolly Rancher oils. What? What is happening? I need peach Jolly Ranchers. They are just no where to be found. Catastrophe.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

ten ways to get that baby out!

So the other night I was feeling overwhelmingly pregnant and frustrated that my little son has taken so long to get the heck out already and a friend came over to give me a massage and try to induce my labor. As we were heading into the room toward that fantastic table and loverly smelling oils my kids and nephews kept stopping me asking if she was going my water...or as Layla Grace put it "pop your tummy." i assured them no and i was just getting a massage. my nephew, Tristan, then said " it's okay if your water breaks. You can just put it in my fish tank." ew