This Where the Nonsense Turns to Makesense

..A large family working to perfect our sweet skills: Loving others, making an impact, parenting on purpose, living simply, and embracing sarcasm.

In The Works

Do you ever feel like your purpose as a parent is outlined in calendar events and to-do lists that only seem to be undone the very next day? Ever feel like the world isn't an oyster or a stage or anything nearly that romantic because you are certain it is a giant hamster wheel? I feel your pain.

Every parent here feels your pain. Your calling as a mom or dad is not the least bit arbitrary, nor is it something to be taken lightly. This is the most honored, frustrating, painful, joyful, and blessed hat you will ever wear. Make your minutes count. You are the first "Jesus" your children will see. It's time to trade in the passive for purposeful. Your mission field awaits.

Keep checking back on the blog for updates on my finished manuscript!

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