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Friday, February 26, 2010

I Like

Reno weather. A typical February week:

Monday- Sunny with a light breeze

Tuesday- Snow storm with 6 inches in higher elevations.

Wednesday- Sunny with a light breeze (snow melts)

Thursday- high of 47. Cold, just cold.

Friday- Partly cloudy with a chance of snow.

Saturday- Sunny and 65 in the morning,
6 inches of snow expected on the valley floor

Sunday- Sunny and slightly breezy.

It makes me happy. If the weather is ew,
I can always know that tomorrow will be different.
That is the only dependable part. (twss).

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Week 2

Student teaching is going. I didn't bomb my first evaluation, so that is a plus. I am required to keep a reflection log, but my mind is in its pre-geriatric stage, so often I forget what I did if it happened more than one hour ago. Why is this something?

I love my lead teacher. Possibly more than butter, but it's a little early in our relationship to say that. Loving someone more than butter is definitely a weighty statement.

Today, she led a lesson in garden club that taught the kids how nearly every food has plants involved in its existence. She used the example of grilled cheese sandwiches. (Cheese-cows-cows eat grass, butter-cows-cows eat grass, bread-grain, you get the picture.) Let me just say, that when you are a little bit hungry and your lead teacher starts talking about grilled cheese sandwiches, you might start picturing yourself eating one, or cooking one, or laying inside of one. MMMM. We are having grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner. And not because she brought them up. Those suckers have been on my menu since I wrote it weeks ago. Her bringing them up today was just happy coincidence and my final assurance that I want to eat them.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Week One Student Teaching

This. Is. Me.
I am too tired to say anything else. Anyone wishing to help me survive in any way
is welcome to do so. Dishes, wrangling children, dropping by with food or chocolate:
these are excellent ways to help. Two days this week, I was so prepared with dinner,
I had dinner on the table in 15 minutes from when I arrived home. WELL worth the
short time invested to cook extra food and freeze it. The other days, I was not a complete
wreck, but could have done better. Nothing, I repeat, nothing in my house was
cleaned this week.
If you know the song, sing along- I AAAAM SOOO TIIIIRED!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Things I Heart (As stolen from PW)

My husband and his ability to love me through the me that gets in his way.

Chocolate covered berries.



Anything retro minus the 80s. weird.


All things Woodstock.

Fried chicken with mashed potatoes, gravy, and corn, all piled high on my plate.

Zumba. Good stuff.

The good ole days of SNL.

Hanging out with my kids.

Quoting movies.

Watching movies.

Randomness. Like my cartoon here.

Music. Instruments. Music.

Candy bars. Cookies. delish.



Snuggling on the couch with whoever feels like joining me even if
it's just my book.


My new book club with Ms. Marie.

My Reno friends.

My Vegas friends.

My friends everywhere else (like Florida and Japan).

Reconnecting with old friends, especially when it feels like we never parted.

That my kids are freaking hilarious.

Putting all the letters on ghetto slang words like freaking and hanging.

Dinner guests.

When dinner guests feel at home enough to help themselves-cause I forget.

Taco night. I miss taco night.

My large hair.

Retro glasses.

Orange juice.

Learning and going to school.

Teaching anything.


Dates at home.

Daytime dates while the kids are in school.

That my husband is a firefighter. And delicious at it.

The number 23.

My cell phone. Texting.

Lucky jeans.

Wild flowers. Growing and getting them.

Cows. I want to be PW when I grow up.

Mountain lakes.

Cabin life.

Dirt roads that lead to somewhere unknown.


My husband in a teeshirt and jeans.

My husband in a cowboy hat and boots, but he won't try them on so I can make sure.

My preschooler's choice of clothes when she dresses herself. inventive.

My iPod.



Lists. Can you tell?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mamma Didn't Raise No Quitter

My mother and I were discussing a part of our make up that is good at and enjoys
fixing things, people, and ministries that are broken or need a boost.
Once we do our part, we move on. We aren't good at the long haul.
This got me thinking about some personal feelings I have had lately-namely fear.
A friend prayed for me a few months ago, and he told me he feels
God told him all my issues come down to fear. Being someone who feels
tough and not overly emotional on most occasions, I had to think on this one a bit.
He was right of course. Being fake tough does not equate to standing firm in God.

So, when the short Italian* (my mom) and I were talking,
I wondered if what we do would be considered quitting.
She pointed out persons we both know who show real endurance and
really stick to a cause for the long journey. I wondered if I should be
trying to be more like those people. She said no, because God has
gifted us differently. We aren't quitting, we are finished.
That is the positive side of this gift.

The flip side is- QUITTING.

After feeling really overwhelmed with everything
I need to accomplish with school, I have noticed the enemy's sly voice trying
to show me that flip side. He is subtle. Stupid, but subtle so I almost
can't hear him lying. It seems more like ideas milling around in my head.
Only, they aren't my ideas, and they certainly aren't God's ideas.
He says things like, "This is too much for me to handle, and if
I just finish my classes, I can do my student teaching at some
other time, when it's not so crazy." OR "I am nervous to do my
internship; maybe I should put it off." The funny thing about the
enemy is his ability to hide his deception right smack dab in the
middle of the good stuff. He is right: this is too much for me to handle,
I am nervous about student teaching.

Where he is wrong is when he thinks it's me who is going to change any
of that. When God helps me see how silly and stupid the devil is, I want to
give that serpent a demeaning little head pat. pat.pat.pat. Silly serpent.
Your fear has no room here.

SO I start student teaching on Tuesday. I am so excited, nervous,
anxious, and ready! Ready to not be a quitter, to depend on God to
get me through, and leaning on the knowledge that God has fully
equipped me to be the teacher I will be so soon. Nice try little guy....

*my mom really is the shortest Italian...ever.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Isaiah 43: 2-3

Sometimes I have a difficult time keeping the proper perspective I need in order to make it through the week, day, hour, or even minute. This is one of my favorite bible passages. I have it written on the back of my name plaque I have to display every week in class.

The list of distractions the devil is trying to throw at me is lengthy, and I will save you the time of reading it. I will say that we can still very much use your prayers for peace, wisdom over decisions to come in the next few months, and whatever it takes for us to fully trust God.
When people go through tough times, many times God makes them wait and endure. Sometimes God is teaching them patience.
Other times, like for me right now,
God is asking that I put my mind on my money,
and my money on my mind...nope, scratch that.
He is asking me to put my complete trust in him. I SAY it. I THINK it.
Now he is asking me to show it.
He has called my bluff, and I have been found wanting. sigh. What do I
do to fix it? What now?

Ask for forgiveness.

Read my bible so I can get the direction I need and focus on the right things, not the craziness swirling around me.

Outsource my issues. I read an article recently that compared outsourcing jobs
to India with turning our issues over to God. I like it. I am outsourcing my issues.

Listen and obey.

Relax. This one is a tricker for me. I just can't seem to do it. Grrr.

And, finally, I am working on taking one day at a time. I should go; I feel
a song coming on.....

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

You Know What I Will Eat Hand Over Fist?

Healthy foods. Why don't I eat them more regularly you ask? Because I am American, and if it isn't convenient I am willing to pay more, eat worse, and skip it all together for something that is. Yes, I blame society for my chubby, junk-food, toddler belly.
OK, I don't really, but, in addition to being American, I am human, so I like to find people or things to blame for my lameness.
So, my goal for the next month is to make healthy living more convenient. Already I have made a healthy trail mix with dried blueberries, dried cranberries, Cheerios, and corn chex. I have washed and diced strawberries, washed and put into containers fresh blueberries, and cut up celery and carrots. I have chopped cauliflower and broccoli in order to easily add them to
a meal, day or night. I have made my menu list for the month, and it is
full of healthy, cheap, simple meals.
Last night's dinner was a perfect example of ease. I made cheese tortellini drizzled
with a smidgen of olive oil, Parmesan cheese, and Italian seasoning.
I quickly steamed the already chopped broccoli for a side dish. Dinner took
15 minutes from fridge to table.
My kids ate like there may not be food at a later date.
My entire meal (not including olive oil and seasoning)
cost a mere $6 for six people. We put two servings of tortellini and broccoli into lunch
containers for the kids to take to school. They fought over who would take them.
In an effort to reduce my 4 month pregnant belly look, I am going to work
at this healthy food and Zumba at the gym as much as possible this month. I am
also doing situps and working at doing more than 4 boy pushups in a row.
Four is my limit, and then I die.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

When It's Time to Pick Up the Kids

Many of you may be parents, and many of you may have weird children, and ALL of you have to run errands at some point in your lives, BUT none of you get to be parents of my weird children or run errands with my children. Sigh. What a sad life you must lead.

This is what it's like when I have to pick up my three older children from school nearly every day. First, I come prepared. Wipes for any occasion, sunglasses, tissues, trash (though I don't why I need that, I just always seem to have it!), a pen, and a notebook. I can't draw arrows, but it's there up on the right. And, no, that isn't my girl scout badge. Though, it could be; I am amazing.

I load up the babes. A minute before I took this next picture, Sam was throwing a fake fit. I say "fake" because if it were real, he wouldn't have been able to make THIS face so quickly. It doesn't last...
Because Sam thinks Addison is simply amazing, he copies her when she acts like this..
and refuses to get buckled. She also refuses to have her picture made. He mimics her naughty behavior then he falls asleep.
Once I finally get the kids, they are eager to pose for a picture. Apparently Addison is ready now as well.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Our Local WereWolf (shape shifters) Pack

Did you know that sometimes Jacob Black and his rebel rousing werewolf pack sometimes run in my neighborhood? What else are they going to do between filming?

Yes, well, they do. They run circles right around our cul-de-sac.

I have tried to get them to slow down so they can perhaps send a little message from me to EC, but they are just so fast! Not so fast that I couldn't capture how oddly red their nipples were. That must be from the dare the pack threw down to hold large pieces of ice upon said nipples until someone counted to 100. Weird, but true.

I was even able to catch this little cub hiding under the table.

See, this is what happens in Reno when the sun finally peeks its head out for a couple hours one Sunday. People go crazy and turn into werewolves.