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Monday, November 26, 2007

Hey guess what..

We bought a house :D And now, in all my free time, I am trying to envision my new decor. I have decided it should be all about the trees. Here are a few that I found that I really love.

Seriously LOVE this one


Cute for the girls' room

I found a great sheet of scrapbook paper covered in trees. I haven't been able to find an image of it, but I bought it to use as a background for a family recipe page I planned to hang in my kitchen. The trees are so retro and I think I want to paint them down my hallway, floor to ceiling, in a row. It can be scary to know you are reading my thought process right now, but in my mind my hallway will be very cool!
Anyhoo, Moses, Jessica, Denae, Chris of Chris and Natalie that I don't know so well but I hear you are a great artist, you people can't hide from me. I need you.

Anyone who has any sweet drawing skills and a little bit of free time is encouraged to gimme a call. I would love to pick your brain. I think I could actually paint something as long as someone else drew the sketch first. I dunno. A little scary to just start painting on your wall, but I just love what these murals add to the rooms.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Day of Thanks


-to my husband for just being my husband
-to my husband for caring about what he looks like,
-to my husband for caring about what *I look like,
-to my husband for being an athletic supporter for most anything I want,
-to my Mom for giving advice that is right for me, but may hurt for her,
-to my Dad for an endless supply of toe socks,
-to my brothers for keeping me entertained,
-to my children for giving me gray hairs (apparently my husband thinks they are sexy),
-to my sisters who came along and verified *I am not the crazy one in the family,
-to FASFA/FAW for funding my college education,
-to my friends for laughing at my jokes and telling a few of your own,
-to anyone who prays for me. I need more so keep them coming,
-to Pat Sajak and The Wheel for the goodtimes, money, and for laughing hysterically at my poodle joke, and
-to God for not giving me what I deserve but choosing to bless me anyway.

I am excited to see what next year brings.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Just a day in the life

I don't know why people assume that since I have many children, I must be good at what I do. I don't necessarily think God works this way in all situations. In our case, we just happened to be loony enough for the job so God kept the kids coming. This natural tendency toward insanity has come in handy considering I feel I have given birth to 5 of the oddest children ever!! During our chaotic, but fun, photo shoot, my friend snapped this shot. I love that she included it in our proofs. It shows A) that she finds humor in the same things I do, which is why I haven't lived near her for almost 4 years, but we seem to pick up where we left of whenever we get together, and B) I am a stellar multi-tasker. I mean, seriously- let's take inventory of everything happening here:
I am on the phone
I am carrying Samuel (you missed him wiggling out of my arms)
I am paying attention to Elijah as he does his new dance number
My clothes match AND are clean
My hair is freshly washed and actually put up a bit
I am walking out of my van, which has to mean I just came from somewhere really important,
and I am wearing tennis shoes, which means I planned to exercise, right? HAHA

In actuality I shouldn't be on the phone because I don't have daytime minutes,
I just pinched Sam's leg to keep him from falling to the cement,
I am totally ignoring Elijah as he is more interested in the camera anyway,
I did lay my clothes out the night before which was easy because they just came from the store (where I shouldn't have spent money on them in the first place),
My hair is deceiving because it was washed a day before as I always have better hair a few days after the wash,
I actually had the kids stashed in the van eating marshmallows while the others were having their pictures taken,
I was feeling chubby and didn't feel like sucking in my gut for pictures, so I wore exercise-ish pants to avoid a muffin top,
and I wore tennis shoes because they matched my pants better than my loafers.
See, all you moms who think I set a standard to live too can be just like me. You just have to be a liiiitle bit lazier. :D

Monday, November 12, 2007

Big Finish

I don't want to be so excited, but football and cheer leading are finished! Praise the LORD!! This picture is another from my insanely talented friend Jessica Baldwin. Look for her website over there. Can't you see me pointing? Anyway...

I just need to get back to simple. Why is that so difficult? My children were hilarious to watch during this football season. Addison prayed every night for the kids to go to practice (apparently she was tired of their company). She also learned Layla's cheers quite well! She will just suddenly jump into a room and holler "READY OKAY!!" and go at it! Even Sam knows to clap when she is finished. Goodtimes. That is what I like to call an athletic supporter. And you know...if you can't be an athlete...

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hectic Weekends

In an attempt to keep the simple life I love so much, we have tried to stick with family commitments and really important appointments. The weeks are easier now that football and cheer leading are over. The weekends seem to fill up pretty quickly. Since taking charge of the agenda, we are still a bit full, but it has all been great.
Yesterday we babysat in the morning for friend,
cheered for Isabelle wile she received her honor roll certificate,
brought the kids to a friend's to bake an apple pie and a meatloaf pie,
went with my family and a TON of friends to a pie party (didn't win the contest, but had a ton of fun)
woke up late (after I woke up at 5 with Sam)
took the fam. to IHOP for breakfast
met a family that moved very recently and is looking for a church
picked Isabelle up from her sleepover
went home, put babes to bed, put hubby to bed on the couch,
watched the girls cut material for their sewing projects while I did my homework
went to my brother's to babysit,
currently blogging, chatting with a friend, and watching Transformers,
tomorrow is church
then we are having a celebration dinner for Isabelle's honor roll status
and because Monday is a holiday, The Man and I are going on a date mid-day
he has a chiropractor appt, but then we get to go to the movies..or maybe rent a room and have a nap!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Funny Questions I Heard This Week

Eli while I bathed the babies- Mom, why can't I hold water?

Addison- WHAT IS THAT IN MY BATH!?? (Sam's poop. ew)

Eli- Why isn't Daddy washing my window? (My response) Because he doesn't like you as much. (His response to my response) You are rude. (My final response) fits of giggles.

Addison- Mommy, remember when Santa pushed you?

Eli after I drew cool "tattoos" on me and Layla Grace- OOH Can you draw me a tattoo?
(My response once I drew on the top side of each wrist) Go ask Daddy what it says. (Mike) Poop Nugget? (Eli's response) little boy anger (My response) extended fits of giggles.

My 9 yo nephew No-No Noah to his mother- Mom, if you and Dad BOTH have heart attacks, who will take me to school?

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Right Now...

I am listening to little toddler voices (my favorite) play and giggle.

Right now, I can hear Layla Grace help Elijah read through his first chapter book.

Right now, I am missing my husband and eager for the days when he will be home four days in a row.

Right now, I am chewing a piece of Bubble Tape gum, sweet!

Right now, I am listening to Casting Crowns remind me of the people God has put around me to help, pray for, make laugh, and hold up when they need it.

Right now, I am reminiscing over what I heard God speak to me over this retreat weekend: I don't have to wait until I get to heaven, I can worship God all the time starting right now; the issues I am facing are not only very small, but a great learning opportunity for me and those around me; I am really a grown up, not just someone pretending to be a grown-up, so when God calls me to pray for someone or step out of my comfort zone, I no longer have that crutch to call upon.

Right now, I am trying to figure out what to make for dinner.

Right now, I am debating whether I should shower now and start homeschool late, or end early and shower before school.

Right now, I am wondering if my History teacher is going to see right through the bull crap that is my paper due this evening.

Right now, I am wondering if Moby is ever going to stop shedding.

Right now, I am wondering what that smell is...poo I am sure.

Right now, I am thinking I should get off this "devil box" (as my sister calls it) and actually stay on task.