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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


sooo i am picking up my mother in an hour from the airport. then i think i will have a baby. that is weird. i wrote it on my list of things to do today

edit UOP scholarship essay
email essay to Roni
shower/brush everything/eat
breathe (I like to include things like this on my listst in case i don't get to anything else; I can at least cross that off)
make bed and straighten room
make grocery list
drink water
drink water
drink water
midwife appt. 5pm
pick up mom 3:10pm
grocery store
make dinner (spaghetti, salad, french bread)
have baby
get some rest.

we will see. :)

Monday, May 15, 2006

taking votes

so noel votes for the 27th for baby day. i say the 28th. but it makes me a little nervous to be right cause it is a church day. and frankly my dreams of going in to labor at church have been waaay too many and none of them were good. i am always seeming to leave a puddle behind me. and pastor never breaks into "let the river flow" like i want him to. lol.
if you are going to choose a departure song, that seems as good as any. although... i suppose for some people "deep and wide" may be appropriate. but not for me.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

thats strange

so my daughter came running into the house hollaring that my son was throwing up in the garage. my first thought "ugh..the flu." it wasnt until he started screaming "IT BURNS IT BURNS! IT IS BURNING MY THROAT" and i noticed that just washed fresh scent that i realized he had indeed swallowed some sort of household cleaner. :/ sigh ELI. when will he learn? please no one answer that. i am not prepared for "never."
so 911, fire department, paramedics, and the sherrif's dept (to make sure i wasnt trying to kill my son... @@) then the ER. great. we are home now. he is fine now. his punishment. apologizing to everyone in the family for scaring them and for disobeying mom and dad by being in the garage. and he had to start our nightly prayers by asking God to forgive him. sigh. i figure the burning vomit was enough punishment. maybe not. but surely the fact that he thought the doctors were going to cut him open and he was probably going to die at the hospital was punishment enough. i cant cause that sort of fear. poor baby.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

and the count down is on

well, after a fantastic scare of baby samuel arriving last thursday night (almost three hours of contractions at 5 minutes apart) we are to the real countdown. two weeks
it was inevitable that i would experience some sort of labor scare though. with my mother and sister n law attending their annual women's retreat in temecula and my husband a good six hours away fishing in Ely..of course. why is this a rule?
if you dont want something to happen just yet, you plan something really great to do instead and then it happens. liiiike if you arent supposed to start your period for three weeks so you think it is safe to wear those white pants..well it isnt, cause viola, you will start. ask any girl.