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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A Giveaway: Because No Reason

Because Sunday was Easter and sunny and beautiful.

Because Monday brought us five inches of snow.

Because Tuesdays aren't only for tacos.

Because there's always room for coffee.

Because sometimes we need to be reminded that we have superhero powers hidden in our smiles.

Or maybe because I love you readers just so much it makes my heart wanna give.

I am giving away a coffee mug. For your coffee, tea, cereal, soup, or hot sauce holder.

Choose between these two:

To enter, simply leave me an answer to my question. Put your thinker on, it's deep.

And sign up for emails over there on my sidebar, so I have a way of contacting you when you win.*

What's your favorite snowed in or stuck in the house memory with your family?

Good Luck! Winner announce one week from today.

Nonsense At Its Finest
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Saturday, March 26, 2016


I imagine it was quiet. Everywhere they went. There were everyday street sounds, people selling in the market, noisy animals, and crying. No. Wailing. Of course there was wailing.

But I have a feeling those noises felt a million miles away to believers. Men that had immediately left their family fishing business on the side of a sandy shore to follow Him. Women that had given an expensive bottle of perfume in the opportunity to anoint The Lord. Men that had so easily betrayed Him with a gesture meant to show love and commitment: a kiss. 

As if in a well, those sounds would have been way off, blocked by the confusion, defeat, the devastation that seemed to stop up their ears. "This can't be. We JUST had dinner with Him. There is still so much to do. This can't be" rolling over and over in their minds. Where our logic and sight fight each other for the upper hand. Where our subconscious tries hard to convince us we are stuck in a nightmare, Friday never happened. 

But we know better. We simply don't know where to go from here. 

Praise for Friday. Praise to Jesus for choosing me and my shame even before I was born. Praise to God's plan to make a way, so now I can go right to the source. He knows my name. He has always known my name. 
 Praise the promise that reminds me that my tears may be many, my confusion and struggles great. 

But Joy. 


Thank you, Jesus. Everyday, help me to live my life as a thank you drawing others to you and giving you all the glory. 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Maybe I Do Need Another Coffee Mug

It's been maybe more than once that my husband has said, "do we really need another coffee mug?" 

It's been 20 years. Today is our 20th anniversary, and while it's really been a wonderful 20 years, when he talks crazy like that I begin to wonder if he knows me at all. 

Uh, hello. How do I pass up a mug that so resembles my father? Takes me back to listening to vinyls in our garage recording studio. Strobe light all. Strobing? 

And wasn't it actually my husband who said my next tattoo should be a black heart? I believe his words were "get it somewhere in the open, so people know what to expect."

And I've got hobbies. Is that a crime? 
Don't worry, friends. I'm not a quitter. I won't give up this fight. 

I solemnly swear I'm up to no good. 

~ Nonsense

Monday, March 21, 2016

To the Biscuit That Tried to Do Me In

Dear biscuit, 

Two years ago, when I discovered I was allergic to you, I thought I had seen the last of us. I know, I can't even blame you. We broke up. You honored my words. I sought you out. 

It was a moment of weakness. I needed to take some pain meds given to me by my dentist. It was a moment of weakness, but there you were. I smelled you floating around the parking lot outside of Popeyes- minding your own business. But you may as well have been Lloyd Christmas from Dumb and Dumber, bent over at the bar, putting out the vibe in your blue leisure suit. 

Your buttery, salty aroma drew me in. I tried to make light of the effects I knew you would have on me. Maybe this time would be different. Maybe this time, we could be close, and I would only have a small tickle in my throat or itchy ears. 

But, no. You came with a side of gravy. Wheat. Filled. Gravy. I caved. I slathered you. Dipped you. Savored every. Last. Bit. I told myself it was just this once. 

I can't do this anymore. 

It's over. You hurt too good. I took my chances and let down my guard to let you in. And how do you repay me? A sinus infection, two ear infections, and two ruptured eardrums. 

Oh, biscuit. How could you? Wheat is for jerks. Please, just let me go. Make it a clean break. I need to make a new life for myself. 

I'll always love you. 

A Sucker For Flaky Crusts

PS I can't quit you. Tell Donut I say, "hello". He'll know what it means. 

Sunday, March 06, 2016

Kicked By a Mule

"It's the most amazing thing. She falls in a well, and her eyes go crossed. She gets kicked by a mule, and her eyes aren't crossed anymore!"

Ah, the insight that comes from Classic movies. There is a chance I need to throw myself down a well. Maybe that will shake me up enough to get my head on straight. It's one of those perfect storms of busy in my life, but there's nothing left to take out. I'm down to a few things: food, writing deadline, my family, homework, work, sleep, and maybe cleaning. And pants. Ok FINE. I'll put on pants. And coffee. 

Coffee goes in the food category for some people. For me it's in a subcategory with oxygen. 

I still have Bible study once a week. I'm something like 23 weeks into something like 35 weeks of Revelation. This is my time. My time down here. (See what I did there? Goonies never say die) 
I could cut this and have my Monday evenings back, but it's been pretty powerful. And I could skip a lot of it, but I want the notes. The notes are my favorite part. So, for now, I'll remain. Because cutting off a group of feisty old ladies who pray for you, seems poorly timed when you're going through so much. 

My writing conference is in two Wednesdays. It will be a lot of work while I'm there, but at least I'll have a beautiful view. Don't worry. I'll share pictures.
Lord, please let their coffee be good. Amen.