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Saturday, October 22, 2011

It's Coming On Fall.

OK so fall has actually been here for a bit, but I am behind on posts. Go with me down memory lane as I share with you what fall means 'round the Brewer B&B. (Side note, we are booked up for Halloween, but we are taking reservations for November visits).
Fall in our family means:
Ribs. Reno Rib Cook Off ribs. Well, all right, I don't eat them, but they make some mean lemonade and other great goodness.

Hunting for stuff: animals, children in my neighborhood out past their curfew, mitten pairs, clearance deals from summer left overs, Elmers.

School bus rides and stops at the most inconvenient times for me.

Pumpkins. To be specific in this case, we made tiny pumpkin discoveries at the corner farmers' market. Sometime this week, we will be visiting one of the many pumpkin patches for pumpkin picking and the accompanying festivities.

Political campaigns. Layla Grace ran for class president. She didn't win, but she was a gracious loser. Then she dismantled this poster and hung it on her bed in case her roommate of a sister forgets. Her slogan was, "Vote for the new girl!", and her motto was, "Making a difference in the world since 2002!!"

Rain. Aw beautiful rainy days. And, yes. I took a picture with my phone while driving through the rain. I am a rebel dotty- a loner.

Leaves. I have never lived in a place that is so full of trees with leaves that change. The reds are almost startling. The yellows are striking. The oranges are simply beautiful. All of these are mixed in with the evergreens. It's an image of God's beauty for certain.
Did I mention pumpkins? These are in the entry of our corner farmers' market which is open all year. I love this place. They have a .25 cent candy section and seasonal fruits and veggies grown by local and nearby farmers. They also offer a glass bottle pop selection of quirky drinks that are fun for special occasion dinners.

Lunch dates at school. Izzy invited me to join her and her friends for lunch. I got to meet her bosom friends (Anne of Green Gables phrasing for you fans), and see the scary possibilities called "lunch." Please do not look at this picture straight on. You may get poked in the eye.

Fashion shows. Now, I know what you are thinking; "Where are the clothes?" But I have to say, if a straight dude were put in charge of clothing design, he very likely WOULD also turn to rolls of tape, whether duct of masking or painter's, to fashion his designs.

Movie snuggling. I love movie days. Forts, bean bags, pillows, popcorn snacks, and great flicks bring a family together.

Homework in the car. Izzy is on her school's basketball team, and Wednesday nights mean youth group runs, so much of our nightly reading happens in the car. The big kids and I are listening to Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince on our way into finishing the entire series before Christmas! I loved reading these with them. I highly recommend the audiobooks.

Caribou in the cemetery. Wait. What do you mean? Do your cemeteries NOT have caribou? I don't understand. Is Idaho advanced? I feel unsure how to proceed.

Friday, October 14, 2011


I can't get enough of this show.
"Hi. I'm Chandler. Could I BE wearing anymore clothes?!"

Ross: Chandler entered a Vanilla Ice look-alike contest and *won*!
Chandler: Ross came fourth and cried!

Phoebe: Hey. Why isn't it Spidermen? You know, like Goldmen, Silvermen.
Chandler: Because, it... it's not his last name.
Phoebe: It isn't?
Chandler: No. It's not like Phil Spidermen. He's a spider *man*. You know, like Goldmen is a last name but there's no gold man.
Phoebe: Oh, oh okay...
Phoebe: There should *be* a gold man!

Chandler: The only way I would've said six would have been if I had said, "Let's meet at seven, not at six."
Monica: The only way I would've said seven, would have been if I had said, 'Wow, my boyfriend is such a wiseass... Seven!'

I wish they were real. I wish they would never age and keep the show going forever. I wish Matthew Perry was my neighbor and he had to come over for eggs or practice his one liners. I am an excellent sounding board.

[Monica knocks]
Chandler: You can't come in.
Monica: Why not?
Chandler: Because, uh, Ross is naked.
Ross: What?
Chandler: Well, I couldn't tell her *I* was naked. She's allowed to see me naked.
Ross: Why does *anyone* have to be naked?

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Oh The Places We Will Go

There are a number of places I want to go with this here hot guy. I just need the funds and a little bit of time.

  • The Grand Canyon for obvious reasons and my graduation in the Spring
  • New York to eat a hotdog off the cart
  • Broadway to take in a musical that will make me laugh and cry all in one outing
  • Paris to see the Eiffel Tower and make out, I mean ride a passenger train
  • Oregon to smooch over a sea side campfire
  • Florida to take in every bit of Epcot possible
  • Washington DC so I can turn to him after a near endless tours of the town and say, "I am very happy to be with you in our nation's capitol" 
  • Chicago to touch the bull and eat a slice of pizza
  • Italy to eat my way through city after city until we meet someone I am related to
  • Germany so we can personally learn the difference between a coffee house and a cafe
  • Alaska so my husband can find me and my book by a lodge fire and tell me all about his day of ice fishing with polar bears
  • Israel so we can dip our toes in the river and know we are standing where Jesus stood.
  • Pennsylvania so we can take a tour of all the notable spots of American history that took place 'round those parts
  • Fenway Park to watch the Redsox play ball and scream at the big green wall whilst waving by giant foam finger
  • Hawaii so we can swim in a waterfall and reminisce about our pretend honeymoon there
to name a few.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

You Know What's Annoying?

My daughter's middle school prefers to send information home with students word of mouth and on the very day of the event. Not a written anything and nary a week ahead notice. Is it that they prefer only spontaneous personalities at their functions? Is it that there aren't enough women involved in the communication department at the school? Level with me boys. Are you trying to annoy me? Because it's working.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Are Those Earbuds in Your Ear or Are You Ignoring Me?

Sometimes my kids will approach me while I am concentrating heavily on my homework as it appears on my computer screen, ear buds blasting tunes, brows furrowed over my glasses, fingers typing frantically, and they will talk. And talk. And talk. Minutes later I look up, probably with the stupid look of befuddle and say, "Um. Are you talking?" They usually role their eyes and storm away with their own furrowed for a different reason eyebrows.

Was it something I said?

Other times, my kids will wear headphones in public and pretend to beat box. I appreciate both times for different reasons.