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Thursday, August 31, 2006


While I am a long way from finishing, I just wanted to say I got "A" in my first class. A 99%.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

I love presents

Especially when they help my entire day run so fantastically. I got this very special little gift from my friend, Stephanie, who obviously knows the importance of caffeine and its effects on a body. So, hey, thanks Friend.
I admit I was a little overly attached to my last coffee maker. I didn't realize it though until I actually almost teared up when it broke. It has been laid to rest, but I haven't had the heart to throw out the pods. Sigh. I think it is time. ::sniff:: beeeee strong.

Monday, August 21, 2006


I was reading about Solomon tonight. Not so much Moses and Noe(dot dot)l's kid as the king from the biblio. (for all of you who don't know EL NINO is Spanish for THE NINO!!)
Anyhoo, I was reading and was struck by what a great example of prayer he gives us. When Solomon has his dream and God is telling him to ask for whatever Solomon wishes, he replies with "discernment." I love it. And God was faithful right away. When the two women come in with the fued over the baby. God gave him great wisdom. I want wisdom. I want to settle squabbles between my kids in a way they learn a profound message everytime. Not just so they will call me pretty, but that they will grow up and think of their mom when they are teaching their own kids.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

::singing:: my brothers and meeeee

You know that tune I am thinking of? The "My Buddy" song. Anyway, this is at my Grandpa's house the day after the funeral. My big brothers. Aren't they cute?

Sunday, August 13, 2006


Hello, from Omaha. Scary I know, but we made it through, the funeral, the viewing, and the ultimate family feud without a scratch. Family is funny, even more so when someone close to them dies. I don't mean your usual fighting over things left behind, or funny as in "I don't know why she isn't crying." NO, NO. This kind of funny comes when you get together with family you grew up with and don't have the chance to see very often. This time around it is my brothers. Three of them. All older and equally as funny as each other. On more than one occasion this weekend, I woke up the baby I was wearing due to the convulsion I couldn't control in my shoulders. Seriously, do you know people like that? That just make you laugh so hard you almost wish it would stop? I do. Their names are George, Kristopher, and Shane.
We traveled the old neighborhood, checked out Mosquito hill, and stopped by Nani's (my incredibly short Italian grandmother) for pie and coffee. Everything made us nostalgic. Every corner stirred a reminiscing story. Orsi's bread shop was the first stop. We ate a whole loaf in the car as we drove around comparing stories and rewriting our memories to fit each others'.
My youngest of brothers proves to be the butt of many jokes. While visiting Old Town Omaha, we came across a "pull my finger, finger." It was too great for my brother to pass up buying, he just wasn't sure who the lucky recipient should be. Remembering we had yet to buy Shane a birthday present, it was settled; He would get the honor of such a strange treat. And use it well, he did. While waiting in line at the airport for about the one hundredth time he whipped out the finger. When you pull it, it makes a super great farting noise, different almost everytime. The woman in front of us couldn't have musterd (SP?)a more rotten look if we had paid her millions. It was just too much. I was rolling. My oldest brother had to turn his back to everyone because he couldn't control his laughter, the middle brother had to hide behind my very tall father. It was just too much. But there stood the prankster. Straight faced and actually looking relieved to be rid of such gaseousness.
Speaking of fingers, at the funeral viewing, my oldest brother, George, would make a cracking sound whenever someone approached the casket, as if they were accidentally breaking off my grandfather's finger. I am still giggly thinking about it.
A constant source of laughter also came from one of my favorite past times. Saying "is that a euphemism" after anyone says anything. Seriously, try it. Like everything, it works best really late at night after delirium has set in.
"Are you hungry? Do you guys want to go grab some tacos?" Takes on a much different meaning when you know, "is that a euphemism?" is going to follow! This in a nut shell was my weekend. A seemingly sad event cheered up fantastically by my big brothers. :) I hope that never changes.

Friday, August 11, 2006

nice timing

So after we paid almost $1000 for a plane ticket so I can be an athletic supporter for my dad at my grandfather's funeral, some schmoes decide to attempt to sneak a liquid bomb onto an airplane (or something like this), just to make my travels extra dependent on God. Thanks for the faith exercise people.
And the rest of you, please pray for Sam I Am and I as we fly out this morning. And here is to Southwest and United and their ability to spot a terrorist. cheers

Thursday, August 10, 2006


YAH!! I think it is safe to say that it was HER. We got a pool for my kids a few weeks ago. Nothing too fancy. It is thirty inches deep, just deep enough to be relaxing for us and fun for the kids. I counted on these things; I didn't know how many other lessons we would learn. Elijah has learned that diving in, even from a standing position in the center of the pool will cause a head injury. Layla has learned that she isn't as scared of dead bugs as she is alive bugs. And Isabelle has learned that she is juuuust a little too tall for flips and tricks for this depth. And of course, we have discovered that when Addison pees it is usually followed by a scrunched face and a matter of fact "yuck." Anyone up for a swim?

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

worn right out

Okay so this was my first taste at true chaos. Wife, homeschooling, five kids, and new student. I am a proud attendee of the University of Pheonix (puh-hoe-nix for all you fed-ex commercial fans.) I just completed the rest of my homework assignments. yikes. My brain hurts. Anyone willing to donate some cells to keep me going? How about some arms?
Have you ever looked back at your life and thought "what in the world did I do with my time before...?" you fill in the blank. I used to think two kids and a part time job, full time husband kept me running. Now, I have actually added running and a Monday night pilates class to my schedule. I think I am losing it. But this one is all for me. "THIS ONE. THIS ONE RIGHT HERE. THIS WAS MY WISH. MY DREAM. AND IT DIDN'T COME TRUE. SO, I AM TAKING IT BACK! I AM TAKING THEM ALL BACK!"
What am I, crazy?! yes. good night.