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Thursday, May 31, 2007


Let me just say that I love history, but sometimes I feel better before I learn about things. The Man and I are watching some special on the history channel about the craziness of the 70s. Hilarious generation for the most part....except for Mr. Jim Jones. ::shudder:: For those of you not as familiar, he was the "pastor" that began a church turned commune and then encouraged over 900 of the people to drink their lives away to cherry Flavor-Aid cocktail. I have heard this story in an off the cuff sort of way. Tonight, though, they showed video taken during the mass suicide. They gave it to the babies first. Then they encouraged the families to lay down together, face down, kind of in a pile. There were clusters and rows and rows of people. Those little babies. I don't like sadness. There was one little chubby baby boy, right around Sam -0-Saurus' age. He was laying down next to his mommy. ::sniff:: Stupid emotions. Stupid people. Stupid Jim Jones. Stupid history.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Why I like Mike #14

HE IS HOME!! The Man had a fun filled weekend where he allowed the fish of the east to control his brain. But now, he is right where he should be...asleep soundly on my living room sofa while I tap tap away on my puter. I never thought I would like him as much as I do now. I always thought we would just be existing after 11 years of marriage. God has done a great job of keeping my Hot Lips irresistible. I know that 11 years of marriage and 30 years of bdays isn't really old, but when I was younger, I thought life was over near 25. I remember when Mike and I were still dating. He told me he would be willing to wear cowboy boots when he is 26. I don't know why he picked THAT age, other than we both must have thought 26 was really old! i still haven't been able to get him into those boots, but we have a better grasp on what elderly really means. Here, let's do word association-



elderly-Louie (not Louise)

see..we have a better grasp. ::snicker::

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


You just have never flown until you get on a (delayed) flight with a drunk guy, a 97 year old birthday boy on his first flight, and a girl and her baby, the girl who is apparently stretching out her earlobes so her daughter can spit spit wads through them when they all get bigger. Oh and don't forget about the guy who has to holler when he speaks. Watch for me on Punk'd. I really think I was being filmed as all of that could not have been a coincidence!

It is good to be home. See you all on Sunday.