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..A large family working to perfect our sweet skills: Loving others, making an impact, parenting on purpose, living simply, and embracing sarcasm.

Monday, November 29, 2010

The Clown of the Family

Something about this kid just seems naughty. It's a quality. When he poses in pictures, he seems to say, "You can relax; the party is saved; I am here now." Naughty. I will not be the slightest bit surprised when he gets coal in his stocking this year. Well, maybe a little, because he is also the sort of kid who can convince you of anything. Especially when it means he gets presents not at all made of fossil fuels.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Izzy Up Close

This is Isabelle's contribution to the family photo. Apparently she felt her job was to out beauty everyone in a ten mile radius. When does she hit her gangly, awkward stage? I specifically remember someone mentioned a gawky preteen would be taking her place for awhile. When will THAT girl show up? Instead I have a 25 year old 12 year old. I am grateful Mike Brewer owns a gun.

Monday, November 22, 2010


So, I realize my family is BIG. Our pictures are usually a fairly accurate portrait into our everyday lives: chaotic, but happy.
I thought I would break down one of the pictures, so you aren't an overwhelmed observer. Here is my first favorite face from one of the pictures Ms. Speckled Bird took of The Fam.
What does this picture say to you? Clearly she is freezing. Clearly she is small. Clearly she is part of a squirrel family who is no doubt missing her terribly since she went scavenging for nuts so many years ago. Clearly.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Why I Like Mike #26

The fam and I were sitting on the couch yesterday skimming through new pictures and old blog posts. My Husband, who I really like (clearly), doesn't read my blog. It's like his life is just sad. Anyway, I realized it has been almost a year since I blogged a Why I Like Mike post. So, in trying to keep consistent with being the better spouse, here goes....

I like Mike because he doesn't just TRY to be hot; he exudes hotness.

It's probably why he became a fire fighter.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Geographically Speaking

I am not totally sure what life is like where you live, but geographically speaking, this is what we do in Reno.

Thanks for another great photo shoot Jessie The Bird.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Where'd They All Go

Remember the cast of Good Will Hunting? Where'd they go? Busy having babies and dodging paparazzi probably. But I really like all of those guys. Maybe they read my blog, and maybe they want to be in super great movies again to appease me. No? FIND. (Monica from Friends when she has a cold)

I get that celebrities want their own lives, but I have needs! I need to see Minnie Driver in a romantic comedy.
I need Robin Williams to be funnier than he has been in movies like Old Dogs cause that was a sad attempt.
I need Ben Affleck to crack me right up alongside his brother Casey, who is freaking hilarious without even trying. I still believe Jennifer Garner married Ben Affleck based solely on his suit-wearing scene with the "associates" in GWH.
Cole Hauser..remember when he was on ER. mmmhmmm.
I need Matt Damon to take off his shirt..I MEAN be tough in a movie. And take off his shirt.
I have needs. I am a movie girl.