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Monday, March 31, 2008

Why I like Mike #16

Recently The Man and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary. I heart him. He bought me flowers and gave me a funny card. But that isn't why I like him this time. I like him because he giggled as much as I did at Dan in Real Life. He even wanted to rewind parts to laugh again, but we couldn't find the dvd remote. We really are M.F.E.O.

Friday, March 28, 2008


While examining my perception of the issues around me, I was reminded of a teaching I wrote in case one day God calls me to be a grown up and share about him in front of others. Here is an excerpt:

You can find a reflection in many things- a mirror, a window, a pool of water, a prism, a diamond; after a big steak dinner, you can find your reflection in your steak knife and use it to make sure you don’t have anything in your teeth. Reflections can be very handy. They can also be very scary.

Recently, God revealed to me a little of what I am reflecting. I have to tell you folks, it was like one of the ugly step-sisters stole Snow White’s mirror.

Mirrors tend to reflect everything placed in front of them. If you were a mirror, what would you be reflecting? Picture yourself at home-chaos ensuing. Mine looks a little like this-feel free to close your eyes if you get scared:

I step out of a long peaceful hot shower with a grin. I am excited because I got to shave, shampoo AND condition my hair, and use body soap all in one interval. I step out into the living room and my husband who has been left in charge of our children, is vacuuming. I automatically assume he is trying to make a point rather than be helpful. Samuel, my one-year-old is covered in his own hair after my toddler decided to play “barber,” my six-year-old son is screaming hysterically in our front yard, but smiling so I am confused, Layla Grace, 5, is pulling on my towel trying to show me how much of my makeup she was able to fit onto her eyelids, and Isabelle is insanely barking and hopping up and down around my still vacuuming husband as she attempts to get the dog to attack the vacuum.

When I catch my reflection in the bathroom mirror…. I am snarling. As it turns out, I don’t think I am ready to have a dog.

1 Peter 1:7- Trials have come so that your faith-of greater worth than gold, which perishes even though refined by fire, may be proven genuine and may result in praise, glory, and honor when Christ Jesus is revealed.

"Shine your light and let the whole world sing. We're singing for the glory of the risen king, Jesus."

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

For my friend who has chosen hope in the hardest struggle of her life. I love you Marie. Thank you for being a great example of a woman who puts her hope in God. You are my hero. And Baby Patience, you are a beauty with the squishiest, puffiest cheeks I have ever seen. I love you, too. I am comforted to know you are truly held by my Lord. My heart hurts that we did not get to know you longer.

For any of you who want to give to the Lear family, they can use your prayers most of all, but your money is equally as welcomed. Hillside Foursquare Church has set up a memorial fund for the Lear family to help pay for the unexpected medical bills. You can visit to donate to the family.

(I totally stole this Psalm from my sister. I hope she doesn't sue me for plagiarism.)

this morning my heart is hopeful
in you, Lord, will i rejoice
i gaze out my window
and i see the sun
its rays bouncing off the morning frost
it is cold but shortly the sun will melt away the iciness
and so it is with my soul
the light of redemption is breaking
over the horizon
bursting through the darkness of winter
that wants to swallow me
renew me, my God
allow me to rest in your warmth
the road ahead is long, and i will need your strength
but for today
may i simply be warmed by your light.

Psalm #3 by Mel

Monday, March 24, 2008

When I Grow Up...

NO I can't wait that long. Recently, I have been in touch with the publisher of the RGJ (our newspaper here for you out of towners) (Jessie, this "town" has nothing to do with what you may be thinking). In January, Cory Farley retired from his spot as top-notch columnist, and I want to take his place. I don't so much want to fill his shoes as buy myself a bigger mouth in a real publication and be the new recipient of his paycheck. In my research about how to become such a person, I found out my new friend, Erin Harrison, was once the topic of one of Mr. Farley's column pieces. Apparently, when she lived here, she followed in HER mother's footsteps and became homecoming queen or something along those lines. I couldn't stop giggling, but then I got to thinking; "I want to be that guy!! I want to write about nonsense, happy family legacies, and why I think the protesters at the Olympic torch lighting ceremony are too disorganized and creepy for people to take them seriously."
In addition, I found out I have friends that have family at the newspaper, and I can't decide if I should play that card or not. So far, I am compiling my portfolio and waiting patiently for the Executive Editor to email or call me back. Mr. Ted Powers told me to wait patiently, so here I am. "Hear me God? Are you up there? It's me Margaret."
I am praying about God's timing and his amazing ability to say no when I shouldn't really do more. He has given me this desire, of that I am certain. I simply can't tell if he is calling my number just yet. I am willing to be patient, though I don't know if I will be any good at that game. As usual prayers are welcomed. Plus any advice you may have..ahem..David?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sayings People Should Never Say

Recently I have notice an unintended cringe when people use certain phrases. This means if you are one of these people, you are causing me physical pain. Do you really want to be responsible for that? Help me out. Plus, feel free to add your own phrases.

*Been there, done that (Really?)
*Not! (Partly because only adults from Omaha use this saying through their still feathered hair, but also because white people feel the need to holler it while acting out the head waggle.)
*Get 'er done (Okay, seriously, that is the hillbilly version of "tap that". Any of you who have previously used this saying for something other than your expectations to get it on with "her" have my permission to reel. "AH CRAP! How DID I use that saying?")
*Help me help you (sigh. This one is just sad.)

And my absolute can't-handle-this-nonsense-phrase-because-it-causes-me-to-twitch saying

*It is what it is. (Who the heck are you, Confucius? Please, next time decide what IT is and just tell me. If I wanted fortune cookie sayings and obscure noun use I would go to a Chinese restaurant.)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Things to Do Before I Die (or get too old to do them)

*Graduate from college with at least a bachelors (halfway there and going strong).
*Read all of the books on my "Books I Wanna Read Before I Die" list. There are nearly 250 so far.
*Teach kindergartners to love school.
*Talk and pray with someone to receive Jesus (strangely this has never happened except counting me which doesn't count.)
*Be published as a regularly featured columnist
*Finish my scrapbooks.

*Take the whole of my family of seven on the Disney cruise with spending money.
*Master at least two instruments (preferably piano and the cello)
*Take voice lessons just cause.
*Date my husband regularly to out of town places.
*Become a skilled climber/rappeller/spelunker-er
*See things that may me go "wow!" ( I will cover these in another post as there are many)
*Learn to be compassionate.
*Become neater, but not to the point of freakish like the rest of you.
*Teach at a University or College.
*Save enough money to retire nicely with The Man with the possibility to easily enjoy my children and grandchildren.
*Lose my baby fat and have at least the beginnings of a six pack. I have mastered the pony keg; I think I am ready to graduate from this stage.
*Run/walk a half marathon
*Finish my book and get published.

I am sure there are more, but considering I have graduation as an upcoming goal, I figure should stop procrastinating and get started on my homework.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Movie Review

A little background before I get started: I am watching my DVDs in alphabetical order on the nights I am caught up on my homework or I decide to snuggle up with The Man.
So far I have watched up to the Cs with my last movie clearly being Chicago. (See previous post.) Yesterday the kids and I watched Cheaper by the Dozen, which always makes me cry. This movie is an oldie but a true goodie! Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt are two of my chick flick family favorites. She also co-starred, wrote, and directed Return to Me. I will get to that movie near the Rs.

Cheaper by the Dozen is a total family friendly, have-on-in-the-back-ground-of-game-night kind of movie. It is based on an older movie of the same name. While everyone is clearly scripted, the happiness in the chaos reminds me of home and is sure to either make you want children or stop having them forever. When this movie first came out, I couldn't watch it enough. No real swearing, no real violence, no real issues with sex. My kids' favorite part is when Steve Martin's character does the "love dance" when he realizes his wife is checking him out as he walks away. Good stuff. If you havent' watched it yet, rent it- no, buy it. It is a must have.
I think this movie came out on DVD right near Addion's birth or at least when she was a baby. Once, after a few come to Jesus moments where we realized we actually were the unqualified parents of four children, we settled down to watch this movie. Mid way through, The Man snuggled up close and said he was glad we had a big family and "see, we could totally keep going. Let's try to beat them!" I was too scared to ask if he was serious, but I agreed if each of our children would stick to a written script and live in their own trailor, I would consider it. I am, after all, a giver.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Can't Say Why But...

I just love musicals. I know that will be painful for some of you to hear, but if you love me, you must love all of me.

Tonight I tucked my kids in to sleepy town, snuggled in with my green blanket and some orange juice, and put on one of my favorites, Chicago. So sadly I wasn't able to get my favorite song Cell Block Tango on here for your listening enjoyment. I love the recent musical movies like Moulin Rouge and Chicago for being brave enough to put musical numbers in the middle of a Hollywood production. And then another bravo for their stellar skills in finding some seriously surprising talent in the likes of Rene`e Zellweger, Richard Gere, Catherine Zeta Jones, Nicole Kidman, and my two faves John C. Reilly as Mr. Cellophane and Ewan McGregor who could sing me the phone book and make me swoon.

Of course I love the classics,, too. I love that my children (all of them) will sit and watch the entire two tapes of Fiddler on the Roof. Just happiness.

If you forgot about these gems or have never been brave enough to sit through one, I highly recommend one of the newer ones. Sometimes it is easier to handle something new when you know what to expect. Be brave! Take a chance! At least you can say you did this before you died. Don't worry, you won't really die from watching.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

In the Mood for Funnies

Sometimes I just need funnines. If you also need some funnies, check out the link over there. See me pointing? The link is to a blog called Stuff White People Like. Ever since my refound friend Liz told me about it, I am addicted. And incidentally cracking up whenever I visit. Enjoy.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Oh, and Let's Be Real

IF Jesus HAD to choose, he would TOTALLY go to Hillside. Don't be modest Lou (not Louise)

Sunday, March 09, 2008

My Life in a Musical

Seriously, I used to be amazed that people in musicals new all the words to the songs one character started singing and somehow they all magically knew the moves to the greatest dances ever! Now that I am grown, I just WISH my life could break into musical with willing participants around every corner. Tomorrow I am taking Layla Grace to the mall for her birthday. I wonder if our Hot Dog on a Stick lady will give us this same service!
Thanks to my friend, the speckled bird for showing us this improv group. They are called Improv Everywhere. I recommend the video where they mass froze in Home Depot and Grand Central Station.
Don't forgot to pause the music.

Feeling Great in 2008

I am truly a rockstar. Because you all have been catching onto what serious baby steps I need to accomplish any great physical goals, you will understand why I am so excited with my progress. At the beginning of this year I was working out about zero times and could hardly watch someone else exercise without getting worn out. In January I timed myself walking a mile and I checked in at a very sad 19 minutes and some seconds. Tonight I ran a mile in 15:37. Thought I wouldn't make it, but I did. I even stuck it out for a five minute cool down. Now I must shower because stank is eeking from my pits, but I will live you with this week's goal.

This one is awesome and truly all about me. My goal is to paint my toes and nails on Sundays to celebrate my sabbath. I am excited about this one because this gives me something to do just for me. It benefits no one but me. Am I selfish? Answer that when I wake up in the middle of the night to switch laundry for my husband, or make my daughter's lunch for her instead of exercising, homeschool my children and care for those other two instead of eating bon bons and watching my stories all day.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Sesame Street Favorite

On a Sesame Street sketch involving the sometimes controversial Bert and Ernie, Ernie was using a banana as an imaginary telephone. I was half listening to him attempt to convince Bert to give it a try. I cracked up laughing when Bert said, "Ernie, I am just not emotionally secure enough to do this."

Thursday, March 06, 2008

On the Fly

In my attempts to keep up with a stronger, happier, healthier George Banks, I am wearing a pedometer courtesy of my friend Ms. Ridge. So far I have walked a whopping 3142 steps and it is still am! Yay! Who knew I chased kids as much as I do? In addition to this exercise awareness, I have started keeping my food journal again and am trying to be purposeful with my food. Last night I accused a friend of being pregnant when she just isn't (sigh. why do I talk?) and the only saving grace was my ability to point out my own baby fat in the shape of a beer gut around my middle. Hopefully she is inspired as much as I am and God will grant her time and energy to devote to herself. After all moms, this year is all about you!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Feeling Great in 2008

Next installment:
exercise- 20 minutes on treadmill-4/wk.
10 pushups/ 25 sit ups 3 days, drink two cups H2O/day
Seems easy enough, but I have been a rebel-dotty-a-loner when it comes to exercise. I can DO IT!!

Movie Review

Tonight I watched a movie with The Man, so I am clearly not hitting my 10pm bedtime. Time well spent though.
We watched Michael Clayton. Worth the rent. (Especially because we got the movie from one of those little Red Box renters. Love those guys.) The movie stars George Clooney and a number of other recognizable faces. Though the randomness came in spades, and I am sure I laughed at not-meant-to-be-funny parts, the story was interesting and most of the acting was excellent. And, well, George Clooney (Doug Ross, swoon!) He is definitely on my list of yummies. In fact, he may have moved up a spot because ole Heath pulled a Heath Ledger on us...wait; Jessie that doesn't really work for this situation. Anyway, I recommend the movie, and since I am the movie queen you must listen to me and watch it. Probably not a good purchase because I can't see us snuggling up to it again. My favorite part comes near the beginning when, without explanation, one of the semi-characters is seemingly leaning over a toilet, suddenly notices her pits are sweaty, and reaches her hand in said pit to check out the total situation. I have nothing more to say on that.
I give it 3 and 1/2 stars out of 5.
Swearing was medium to medium well on the steak scale.
Sex was none.
Violence was fairly minor as most violence was implied through interesting cinematography.