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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Just a Quick Update

busy busy with school/work
LOVES his new job
volunteering to referee the Inter Fire Department Dodge Ball game for charity (LOL)
expert at shining his boots
squeezing in fishing whenever he can

Working hard not to lose my sanity
participated in the anual Susan G. Komen, Crop for the Cure and finished 10 pages!
Heading into week two of Sociology
bought kids berries and cream Fraps today because I couldn't resist
busy shuffling kids to extra "fun" activities
trying to stay ahead of my homeschooling schedule
feel sad I can't come to more baby showers, but it just can't happen

dropped out of journalism because it is more writing than she is interested in
continually jumps rope even if there is no rope to be jumped
doing superb in 4th grade at her new school
cut off all of her hair (mike still has a hard time looking at her)
still loving her book publishing and beading clubs
in the market for a violin as she has decided to play one for school

awesome football player
working on mastering the rollerblades
planning on being Captain Jack Sparrow for Halloween
has figured out more math than I ever did at this age!

Layla Grace-
beautiful as ever
has an incredibly loose front tooth
hilarious cheerleader (ready Ohhh K)
reading chapter books

as squirrely as ever
knows three of her colors successfully
obssessed with lip gloss and flops so protect yours well
has begun drawing circles to practice holding her pencil correctly
traces VERY well
is going to be three soon!

walking and refusing to crawl
has all of his baby teeth
still clinging tightly to his paci though only in his bed if we can help it
crinkles his nose when he laughs
covers his mouth when he cries
makes us all smile

sleeping...and the other usual doggy habits
misses us so much while we are gone he knocks both babies down when we return EVERY time!

The family-
busy, but happy
big patriot fans now that Eli and Layla Grace are part of the team
just got back from a week in Vegas (minus Mike)
got cell phones so we can send each other texts of our fun experiences
finished painting the house, now we are working on the master and baths
had the mold in our bathroom inspected and we are all clear for purchasing our house!
had the greatest family pictures just taken. We will send some out for the holidays

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Berries and Cream Part One

If you want to learn this special dance, scroll down a smidge; I have posted a tutorial on the entire routine.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Berries and Cream

I have nothing else to say about this other than : I would like to dedicate this post to my friend Jenene Boardman.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

This is Living

This is another picture from camping. It doesn't have a lot to do with my post other than to put a visual to the rest I feel I need already. (note the beer that is not really a beer in my son's hand.) Mike started his academy last week, and already we are overwhelmed with stuff. We have been so anti-hectic for the past three years that this schedule may just end me. Between piano lessons, football, cheerleading, Isabelle's new schedule with school, homeschooling, keeping up with Hot Lips, and The Man's new work responsibilities, I felt it was necessary to take a small break from school. I was having a hard time comprehending anything I was learning, so I dropped my history class. (Louie not Louise should not feel disappointed as I fully intend to take this class at another time..just not right now.) I get a two week break, one of which is in Vegas visiting friends and family, before I dive back into Sociology (ack) and Poli Sci (ack ack!!). Plus, I am switching my school nights to Thursdays, at least until football and cheer are over. Sanity prayers welcomed. Volunteers to care for babies during football games seriously needed. Please be in touch through our local contacts should you be able to offer your services.