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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

AND the lucky lady is..

LOLITA!!! Thanks to all of you who emailed, called, and posted your willingness to help with the babies. Lolita has agreed to keep them. I love her. I love many of you as well, but especially her right now. Still coveting your prayers for the rest of this week. My family should get here some time today, our last minute paperwork (because mortgage companies think I work on Santa's magical North Pole time) is due today and is in fax transition land and out of my hands, our walk through is scheduled for tomorrow, and graduation is Friday. Lastly, we are supposed to find magical Santa time to sign papers so our house will record before Friday at five. Did I miss anything? Oh yes, for the last week, I have been enduring a very special kidney infection. Ow. Specific prayers recommended.

Sunday, December 23, 2007


We are in need of a willing heart to keep our two littlest Brewers Friday from about 12-3 so I can attend my husband's graduation. I have made a zillion calls but no luck. I should add, we are money challenged so this can not be a paid position. Please Please Please, we are desperate. Thanks friends.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Seven Days and Counting...

Things I still have left to do in order to prepare for next week (aka Christmas, The Man's graduation, Moving Day):

Pack my entire house
find more tape to close boxes
finish two quilts
wrap friends' presents
make a "NEEDS" box full of toilet paper, bath towels, toothbrushes, blankets, and other immediate needs for our first night in the new house
clean house for Mom-in-law's visit
shop for The Man's graduation dinner
pick up last minute presents
pick up movie Isabelle's teacher borrowed
put together Elijah's tether ball pole (sweet)
put together Isabelle's basketball hoop
return library books
return red box movie..late as usual
set up utilities and other needs for new house
break the news to our landlords; we are not buying this house
give our 30 day notice to our landlords
find something to wear to graduation
write a 1250 word paper with my study team
write a 1500 individual paper on business ethics
another assignment too boring to describe
send out remainder of our Christmas cards
drop off presents to friends leaving town
sign papers at escrow office
find out if the papers we received in the mail are an attempt to steal my identity (seriously..they are very fishy and no one knows anything about them)
watch a hundred or so Christmas movies, some repeatedly
read about five more books of the bible to finish my reading plan before the start of the new year
wrap presents for five children (yikes)
find something for each of my children to wear to graduation
find a babysitter for the babies during graduation (any takers? Friday from 12-4)
and somehow manage to enjoy the peace that is the reason for this season.
I am going back to bed.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Welcome to our new maxi pad...

" know with the new dry weave, I hear it actually pulls moisture away from the skin." (Steve Zahn, Reality Bites)

This is a picture of the model of our house. Everything is the same except they agreed to paint my door red and our paint color is a little tanner. So pretty! We are having a housewarming sometime in February. As long as we really get the house! There is a little threat with verifying funds. God is bigger than that little boogie man. But feel free to continue praying for us.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

You know what makes me tired?

Repeating myself. I expect it with my children, but lately there has been just too much of it. Like just now, I told my son to get out from behind my couch. Rather than just listening, he has to give me reasons why it is great back there. Because I don't actually care, I yell for him to get out. Also, those of you who thought the twos were terrible never had a three year old. Addison is just a couple weeks from this special age and is testing everything. I am tired of follow through. I need a nap.
Lately, I have had to say the same thing to my dog over and over and over. Apparently he feels we shouldn't leave each morning to take Isabelle to school. It seems to cause him stress, so he has taken to chewing on little things he finds in the house. Today he actually pulled an heirloom ornament off of my tree. I could have killed him. Instead I scolded him and made him go outside. His little tail between his knees was sad, but I was strong.
In addition to my usually tiresome repetition, I have had to pete and repeat everything to keep up communication between everyone involved with our house.
Lastly, trying to organize a celebration dinner is stressful when there are so many people involved and so much other stuff going on. Clearly there is a lot of repetition involved.
Sooo, if you ask me a question, just stick around long enough to hear the answer or things may get scary for you.

Monday, December 03, 2007

I hate finances

My sister said earlier that "this stuff" only happens to me, but that just can't be true. Many of you know I am a proud student at the University of Phoenix (please pronounce Pah-ho-nicks). Many of you also know that I rely completely on scholarships and financial aid. I applied for my financial aid at the start of my second year on the recommendation of my financial counselor-you know, the lady who knows everything about my school's finance protocol. Well, apparently not because I did just what she said and instead of sending me more money that I was assured I qualified for, they sent a smooth four grand less. Um..what was that?! Broke Lady say WHAT?! I contacted them as soon as I noticed, and they seriously were trying to act like it was too much work to fix a mistake they made! Because I am not above inflicting physical pain -or calling at all hours repeatedly- they finally are moving on this issue. Of course one problem led to another when this all started, and it cause everyone to be involved. Sigh. Let's just all pray they give me permission to use the Pell Grant this year. I cannot handle or afford to take out a loan to pay for the rest of this year. And, as much as I gripe about the stresses of my life, I am not ready to drop out of school. I am, however, ready to be the recipient of any of your generous scholarship donations. I have no pride in this area.