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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Yeah, I've Got It

I want you to know that I completely have Bieber Fever. It's a real diagnosis. You know you have it if you:

  • Break into a bout of Never Say Nevers randomly
  • Have more than three Justin songs on your iPod
  • Know at least half the rap by Jaden Smith
  • Could see yourself in this shirt
  • Watched the Justin B. movie and got teary at any point and/or
  • at any point wish you could trade places with a tween just to enjoy his concert one last time.
  • Have agreed to TXTL8R just because Justin asked you to
Yes. I've got it bad. I downloaded his entire acoustic album. The end.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Here Fishy Sing Along Songs

Sometimes we take our kids fishing on a whim. It's good family time. Izzy and I typically snuggle on a blanket; I read and she draws. We make fun of each other. Good times. The kids hang out with Michael as he baits and rebaits fishing hooks. You could say he is a master baiter.
Last night when all this took place, my youngest son Sam-I-Am decided he was too antsy to sit still, so when he got a bite on his line, I jumped up to help. Please understand that I do not fish. I don't understand it. It's boring. BUT I like my husband, and I like hanging out with him and my kids whilst I get to veg and read, so I go along.
It was all very dramatic- me fishing. I leaped up! I screamed and grabbed the pole in a dramatic fisher woman way. "WHAT DO I DO? WHAT DO I DO?!!" I yelled excitedly. I followed the first advice yelled back at me by Layla Grace," YANK UP THE POLE!" So I did. This, in case you are not a fisher, is incorrect.
I lost the fish. I was a disappointment to the Brewer household. So-much-so that they made a song about me. :/ Here it is:

Sam-O caught a fish
BUT Mamma jerked it off.

Repeat this stanza loudly and constantly until your mom makes you stop to get an idea of what it was like for me.
Next time I may stay home.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


You shouldn't look like this. But that isn't what I came here to say. I just wanted to say, in case no one ever told you, taking time to care for yourself isn't selfish. Men don't think so; I believe this is only a motherly way of thinking. I was watching the Biggest Loser, which is something I do on Tuesdays, and a lady on there misguidedly said, "Sometimes you have to be selfish and take care of yourself. If you don't take care of yourself, you can't be available to take care of your family." I feel her first sentence was a commonly spouted statement. I feel like her second sentence actually disproved her first sentence.

What is so selfish about wanting to take care of my family? It's not as if I am hoping to care for them so they make me look good. Frankly when I go places with my children people look at me like I am insane, crazy, annoying, imposing, and just plane dumb. Not looking good.

I need to take care of me in order to take care of them. I want to take care of me because I want to feel healthy, and because I want my husband to think I am hot. I have to take care of me because God has made me a mother to five kids, and I don't shirk on a job that important.
I am not a martyr; God never asked me to slave and grovel and work until I nearly die just to care for everyone else around me. He asked me to love. I am not selfish. I am a giver.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Guilty Pleasure

I am addicted to Friday Night Lights the TV show. I MIGHT go to hell because it's a bit scandalous, but it's what I do to avoid the sleep. I don't like the days when my man is gone. COME HOME MAN!

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mother's Day is the Best

Especially when you are me and the wife of The Man and the mom of five pretty awesome short people. It started with presents. Really Really great presents: I got a new ring and some seriously fantastic earrings that I never plan on removing.
Then, we loaded up and took The Man to the airport (not my highlight by any means). Then it was bookstore time. See, here's the thing. The thing is. Let me explain something. I packed up Pastor's books to return to him, and I clearly labeled the box Louie (Not Louise, but The Man didn't notice that. So, he donated them to Goodwill with the other boxes marked Goodwill. Because I wasn't able to buy back ALL of the donated books belonging to Pastor, we stopped by Borders to see if they had that last one. They didn't. Instead they had clearance books out front for buy one get one free. Six books for $15. Awesome.
Next we headed to the mall to get my ring sized and took a turn in the food court and the Disney store where the kids each scored a little something from the clearance department. I got a keychain of Minnie Mouse in reading glasses that reads "Nerds Rule."
I also picked up the movie Tangled which makes me giggle and ensures a cozy night with my kids: my favorite sort of night. After lunch we headed to Yogurt Beach to meet up with my two big brothers and their wives and kiddos. We are quite a crowd: 14 of us altogether as we are sans The Man and my mother, who is in Omaha with my grandmother.
After that, we headed home where the girls created a homemade foot scrub and gave me a pedicure. Now, we are watching Tangled, and I am giggling- also, we are snuggling. On another, less happy note, the children have agreed that I look like the mother from Tangled. You know, the fake evil mother? Great.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Wheelin' and Dealin'

In keeping with my efforts to procrastinate my homework assignment as close to its due date as possible, I made a list for the grocery store and took my five children there. I do not recommend this. To know why click HERE. BUT, today I was feeling frisky. I woke a good two hours before I normally do on the weekend, (HA or any other day if we're being Frank) and we were accomplishing much on our errand outing. I had my coupons and list, so we headed for Smith's for their 10 for $10 sale. We got a silly amount of things that filled three shopping carts to the brim and bursting. We paid an average of $2 per item, which I realize isn't nearly as amazing as those couponing ladies, but considering I bought great cereal, organic milk, Naked Juice (cause who puts clothes on juice?!), toothpaste, Cheezits, a mega pack of multi-vitamin gummies, sunscreen, a year's supply of Bounce dryer sheets, and barely anything else that was under $2 to begin with, I would say that is some smooth wheelin' and dealin'. Next time I will be better prepared with coupons, but I am coupon newbie, so I don't yet have that stash to pull from. I DO however have a 'stache, so maybe I will get a waxing with the money I saved.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Frick Frack PHOOEY

Our television died. It has been a sad pending experience, but it still hurts now that it has happened. Aren't TVs supposed to last longer than two years? This time there were no Wii remotes thrown at the screen. This time it started smelling of burnt machinery and sending up wisps of smoke. This morning, when there was smoke and sparking, we knew it was a goner. Just like my favorite leisure activity. WAAAH! We seriously need jobs. It's dangerous to go so long without money. You know what happens? Your list of things to buy with your first paycheck gets longer and longer. Going to bed. gah.

Proof that God loves me: My husband called near and far and found a replacement part for our TV! That man has a direct link to God, I tell ya.  There isn't even SMOKE anyMORE!