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Friday, June 29, 2007


I decorated Sam's name to hang above his bed. Eventually it will say "Sam I Am," but for now it just says Sam. I love it. Apparently so does Sam :D

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Why I like Mike #15

He sure knows how to treat a lady.
Click on my title for further details.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Layla's a graduate

This is Layla, her teacher Ms. Stephanie, and her friend Erin on graduation day. Everyone is getting so big. Layla is anxious to start kindergarten, but I am a little nervous to be her teacher for fear of holding her back. She is turning out to be way smarter than I am, and I don't want to screw her up. Elijah is looking forward to be the oldest kid in class. Next month we have to take Isabelle shopping for uniforms for school this fall. That is going to be weird, but we are looking forward to this new season in life. I will still have three students (and one mister messy Sam) but with Addison as a preschooler, I doubt there will be a day without serious humor. I figure, by the time I am done homeschooling my children, I will have greyed years before I was supposed to, but my laugh lines will be my most prominent wrinkles.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

I think I am getting old

Theatrical Trailer Tonight, my sister-by-law-friend-by-choice and I went on a date. I like to date people regularly to keep things lively. Anyhoo, we started at Applebee's and finished with a movie. We watched Mr. Brooks with the past his prime favorite, Kevin Costner. It was a pretty decent movie. Lots of comic relief (although I must say, whether the movie was intentionally comedic or not makes no difference for me; I find humor in the most unhumorous situations. i.e., like when my other sister-by-law-friend-by-choice called me for the fourth time in a morning. Only this time she was calling to say that her earlier remarks of "where the heck is my housekeeper! That lady better be dead or in an accident!" were no longer appropriate considering her housekeeper died in a car accident on the way to her house. I know..not really funny, but kinda funny.)

Again, I digress. The movie is worth the watch. Only, I jumped so many times I nearly peed..twice. After each incident, I hollared CLEAR. That is what people yell when they want to get their heart beating again. I was completely my mother. I had it all-the gasping, the heaving chest, the OH MYs in a way too loud voice. I either need to get out more, or I need to limit my time in public. I am not sure yet. Lucky for us there were only 6 people in the theatre.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Just in case I didn't have enough lives to ruin...

I thought I would plant a garden. We have a great backyard. We have a brick planter box that spans the entire perimeter of our backyard. While my mother-n-law was in town, she instructed us in the art of planting, weeding, seeding, and soiling. She has the greatest garden and taught us a bunch. Even how to plant our cucumbers in a hill. We planted cucumbers, jalepenos, green bell peppers, watermelons, daisies, eggplant, crookneck squash, cherry tomatoes, pumpkins, any herb you can think of, and an insane amount of wild flowers. It feels great to take care of our plants. The kids have had a great time checking to see if they have sprouted any yummy treats. When we first got started, Mike's mom asked if we would have to worry about squirrels. I said no, of course in this populated area. Little did I know one little such varmin would come right from the Brewer household....our own resident Squirrel, Addison has been picking the tomatoes! She knows she is wrong to do it, but that doesn't stop her from snatching a little green one and taking off hellishly across the yard. I think she may be a rabid squirrel. Every time she does it, I think of that creepy racoon Will Ferrell tried to hug on Elf. lol.

Saturday, June 16, 2007


Fathers Day seems to be a time of big changes around our house. Last year I had Sam I Am on the 13, just a few days before Fathers Day. This year, we had a new kind of baby.
This little guy is the newest family member at the Brewer gang. I arranged for Mike to stop by at Lou and Joni's to pick up his fathers day present after work a few weeks ago. He knew what he was getting, but we told the kids he was bringing home a friend. We cleaned the house all the while I fielded a zillion questions about our mystery guest. They were certain it was Pappa Shaun (McConnell) but I told them Daddy's friend was only about two-years-old. WHAT!? They were completely stumped. Mike called when he was around the corner and I made the kids come in the house so there was no early peeking. It was perfect. The kids all went running outside to meet their new friend. Moby was so excited he peed on EVERYthing to leave his mark. He has definitely realized he is not the leader of the pack with so many others competing for attention, but he has found his place at the Brewer's.

He is a great snuggler. Sam regularly uses him as a pillow and Moby loves to sleep at the base of Isabelle's bed every night. Addison calls him "Movie Dog" because that is how "Moby Dog comes out in squirrel language. We have also dubbed him Molblerone, MoMo, MoMan, Moby Richard, and Mo-mer.

The kids wake up every morning and let him out, feed him, and fill his water bowl. We are working on his listening skills so we can let him play out front more, but he gets a little excited at the sight of new face to lick.
So thank you, Friends, for giving us the greatest fathers day present ever for our family.

Oh Thank you Lord!

Math is all done. I got an A. YAY for A's!! That is all for now. Oh, but hey Jessica, remember when you tried to crochet and it was scary? Just wondering.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Conversations in Bed

This was inspired by meesta Ben's post about deep thoughts and his mattress.

Me- You know what is a terrible name for a sandwich?
The Man-what?
Me- loose meat sandwich. It is gross.
The Man- I had a pulled pork sandwich today.::giggle::
Me- ew! That is equally as gross.
The Man- There is Pulled Pork, Loose Meat, Chicken Jerk...
Me- ew. And tube steak. That is gross. I am hungry.
The Man- I think I want to shower before bed.
Me- Kay....

Brew-ha-ha at the Brewer's Pad

Just thought I would give a run down of life and the goings on around here.

Today, Layla Grace graduated from preschool. We are very proud. She got to recite one of their verses over the microphone, which just proved that she really could be a rockstar someday.
She will be homeschooled for kindergarten next year.

Isabelle is almost totally signed up to attend her new school-
She is looking forward to mingling with outsiders. I also think she is a bit apprehensive about stepping out into the school scene again. It has been 4 years since she has been enrolled in a school. :/ It will be great though, because it is totally God calling her to school.

We are ecstatic over her choices of teacher-they are the Mo and Jo of Reno. SERIOUSLY so weird. SHE is totally organized like Joelle, and other than her odd habit of talking over you when she knows what you are talking about, she has Jo's super skills as a teacher. HE has the fro to match his southern counterpart. He also recognized Eli's sweet Napoleon boots for what they are, which gives him an 'A' in our book. He is a math wiz, which will help to cover the areas Isabelle isn't as strong in. We are happy with either teacher.

Addison gave Sam-o-sauraus a haircut. So special. He is shaved completely now to hide the hideous bald spots she gave him. So special. The greatest part for me is when Sam waves, he does this Hitler salute. We look like we are proudly sponsoring the great white race around here. I keep threatening to give him a little Hitler 'stache to go with his new do.

Tonight I take my final exam in math class. This class has been crazy painful for me.

Mike passed the physical portion of his Fire Fighter's test earlier this week. We are waiting to hear where he ranks to see if he gets scheduled for an interview. Many prayers needed!

We have a new addition to the family. His name, depending on whom you talk to, is Moby, Movie Dog, Mo, MOMO, Moby-licious, or Moby-kins. These last two are just weird so we are trying to steer the kids back to Moby. Elijah wanted to give him a middle name. I suggested Richard. To me, it is really the only name that fits. In real life he is a large golden lab retriever. He is super. Even Addison loves him now.

Addison has taken to putting her self in time out. It is helpful because it saves me time, but it is strange.

We have been painting and downsizing. Getting ready for spring has never been so stressful or pretty. We have all new furniture in the living room, and the kids have new room set ups. Things are moving a whole lot slower than I was expecting, but it looks like a brand new house.

We are still awaiting the Wheel check. Soon...very soon. :D

That's about it!