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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Emotional stages

They say there are different stages a person goes through when faced with a difficult situation. I have been through a few with my car situation. Today I am angry. It will pass, I am sure. We can't go to church this weekend because we don't have a ride and The Man has school. Then we can't go next weekend because I will be out of town and The Man will have no way of getting the younguns' there. All of this would be an un-issue (my own special word) if we had a large enough car. I hate being patient. I am no good at it. Four years now we have been praying for a car. Isn't that an overly long time to wait for something? We pray with the kids every night about a vehicle and the only thing we have heard so far is how big it should be. That's all. Just how big. So this weekend I told the kids we wouldn't be able to go to church and they were just so sad. :( This causes me sadness which quickly turns to anger. Not at anyone..just the situation. While I was busy stewing this morning, Isabelle came out of her room and anounced that if she can't GO to church she is going to have church here, in her room. She gathered all of my worship music papers, set her table up for craft time, and opened her bible to Mathew chapter 4. She led the kids in worship, read them their lesson for the day, and ended in "Kidland" with making cards for their Kidland leader family to tell them how much they were missed. SIGH I see in them exactly what Jesus meant when he said we should have child like faith. I have so far to go.

oh, and Ms. Stephanie, thanks for having such a great impact on my children. You are very loved by all of us!


Jeni said...

Your kids never cease to amaze me. They are always so kind and insightful! :)

shontell said...

:) thanks. they really don't get it from me. I prefer the "all about me" method.

Jen Pell said...

I have many things to say.First, here in Hungary one of the families has a really small car and so they often have to make two trips when guests are over, which is often...

Have you heard of the child prodigy Akiane Kramarik? She's amazing. I blogged about her on my space. Anyways, I'm convinced. This next generation God is going to use powerfully. They aren't afraid to do what needs to be done.

Finally, have you heard of It's a writers paradise, I think. You can write for any genre and people will give you positive/critical comments to help improve your writing. Also, you leave comments for others. Check it out and look for me...jenpell.

shontell said...

Thanks Elasta-girl. (I had to ask my kids for the name of you. Isabelle said "Mrs. Incredible." smart allec lol)

I will check out the website. And I need to go back and check out your blog; I missed that one. But are you saying my kid is brilliant. lol just joking. I agree with you though. I have a friend who is very sensitive to the spiritual relm of life and she is positive our kids are going to need to be geared up for some really hard end-times beeswax. I like to call it bees wax because I don't like the thought of my kids being the future offenders of Satan and beeswax is much less grave.