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Monday, January 03, 2011


My list of things that will change in the coming year seems so much smaller than usual. One year, The man and I rattled on for hours of all the things that would happen. I guess the only thing I can figure is I am focused. This year marks the beginning and end of a few major events.

This year

I will graduate AGAIN, but this time I will be a master. (If I only had a wand!!)

My husband will become a paramedic/firefighter

My husband will either lose his job, or he will keep it. Either way that's a big deal.

My children will all become school aged children. My baby will turn five.

That means he will start kindergarten.

We will be involved in some capacity in a mission trip to Africa.

My daughter will become a teenager. A real one. Sigh. I am not ready for this.

The Squirrel will get her two front teeth.

and, I will run a half-marathon (and by run, I mean ride the pony called the sag wagon over the finish line.) Please, call me Forrest.

What have you got planned for this year? Make it a good one.


Brian said...

I just learned that The Evolution is not one of the "Blogs (you) Follow" on your profile page. Maybe THAT should fit into 2011 somehow.

Is it the F-Bombs? Be honest.

shontell said...

AHAHA do you like my ode to Jesus and his shaving habits? Let's face it; he would have shaved a little. I regularly stalk your blog. I can handle your potty mouth.
You should know I have decided to take up swearing when I get old. It's going to be my crazy old lady thing. SUPER excited.

noel said...

well you have already seen my post so no need to go in that there, but you get props for running. serious props from me for this because... well... running is not my friend.
hey and ya know what we have the teenage thing in common, yeah adolescence!