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Monday, November 28, 2011

Shop Til You Drop: Check

I have exactly two presents left to buy. Two. Both for Isabelle Rose, my kid.
Black Friday: Done-ski
Cyber Monday: KaBOW!

That means I bought five children worth of presents, one husband, and even squeezed in some birthday presents for the teeny tiny squirrel who will be turning seven in about two weeks. Someone buy me a drink.
And, I just re-read what I wrote, and I feel I want to clarify that I did not BUY five children. I wouldn't do that. I would allow them to pay me money and then bring them home. NO, I really wouldn't do that. I already HAVE five children, and I wouldn't feel right taking money from children knowing I was going to leave them on the street corner while I go buy myself something nice with their money.


noel said...

SHeesh! That is some shopping girl! I am impressed as I always am with you this time of year. I remember when we first met and you were in the teeny tiny apt all decked out for Christmas, preggers, and sewing up a storm! You deserve that scotch (right?) straight up!

And now I think I will linger here on your page to listen to your playlist while I wander through the www

shontell said...

:) I should switch it up to my Christmas list, but I just put some new songs on there that I love. Oh my luke warm love.

noel said...

don't change it i am loving it, and YOU!