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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I have a feeling...

..that every year at this time, from now on, this blog will seem dormant for a week or two. I have been busy organize our new school building (along with a gazillion coworkers), laminating, preparing my room for itty bitty kindergarteners. Busy busy busy.

..the muscles in my neck will never relax. They appear to be bringing friends along into their club. Picture a muscle holding his fish in his hands yelling, "WHO'S GOING WITH ME?!!" Only, in this case, there is no hesitation. Everyone seems to be in. Pray for my puny muscles. hair hates this climate. It seems to want to imitate SNL characters: drunk girl, Jimmy Fallen dressed as Howard Stern, Mike Meyers being a phu-klempt Jewish mamma.

..I have so much to learn about so much. I cannot die. Ever. I just do not have time for it. husband wants to marry me again. He said so.

..he will never call me his lady friend (as I have been asking for YEARS.)

..I may be able to convince him to call me his second wife after our vow renewal. Do you want to come? It's gonna be an excellent bash. I'll wear white, and he'll where out the words, "I love you." Except that I am wearing coral, teal, and red, but you get the idea.

..You haven't seen this picture, and you want to.

 (Spent time with this beauty. She may be my number one reason why I am happy to live here again)
 (Praise God with us. This sassy sweet bottom was just blessed with a house. Sucky distance from my being, but it will have to do.)
 (cousins. They are just sort of awesome)
 (Sorry. Were you expecting a caption? I got nothing)
 (This high schooler makes me feel old. BAH. Stop it high schooler. You are so pretty. Try to be uglier. For the love of my neck muscles and your daddy's heart.)
 (Thanks for your help honey. Giver)
(Dear Emma. You are my favorite teen in the PNW. Please visit again soon.)


No(dot dot)el said...

I did want to see that picture. How did you know. Ahh such beauty on this page right now, makes my heart ache that I can't be with you all on a regular basis. Maybe someday, in a beautiful place, where the streets are paved with gold and there's no need for things like calories, or sleep. Yep, that's gonna be a great day.

Jami said...

lol. try to get uglier why don't you.