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Friday, December 28, 2012


I guess we all have streaks of it in our lives, but sometimes I feel as if sometimes my rebellion bone is larger than the next guy.

I am not proud of it. Sometimes it's worked to my advantage, but usually it hurts people. Mostly me.

And it's never about anything important. I realize I haven't had any water. Instead of drinking some, I think "what would happen if I didn't?" Hmmm. Then I have a headache, my muscles tense, my belly aches.

Rebelling against drinking water is dumb and seemingly nothing, but then I think "what if it's something?" What if it's like my gateway drug to something just under the surface? Far fetched? Maybe.

But sometimes we can take a step off the line that God has laid down for us. The line that, if you look closely enough, has our name written in delicate writing. Our path. I see my name and even my directions.

But I am foolish and easily distracted. I console myself by telling myself what I need is just a tiny step off the line. But then I forget to step back where I belong.

And then I realize what I need is just one step off the line. Now I am two. And then three. And then four paces off my line. I can't look closely at it any more. I can't see my name. I can't see my directions. The only thing that will fix it is taking my steps right back to that line. And maybe taking a few swigs of water.

Maybe if I just kept drinking my water the whole time I would never need to crawl back to where I belong. I would be there all the time.


No(dot dot)el said...

I really like you. You are a good egg, or Queen, or whatever suits your fancy. This is a great post and I apparently have some catching up to do on your blog, but I will have to come back tomorrow to do so.
In the mean time let me just say that I feel the same. Like why can't you just follow Johnny Cash's advice Noël and walk that damn line. Sorry for the cuss but for realz!!
Sometimes that line seems real squiggly maybe that's the problem, or maybe I make it squiggly, or maybe I make it too straight? Dunno. But what I DO know is that its almost midnight and I have to be up in 5 hours, SHeesh! See... walk the line NoDots GO TO BED!! SLEEP IS GOOD!!
Love you friend. You are a good writer or words ;)

rachelcantwell said...

Sometimes I ask the Lord the order my steps but then when he makes the path clear, I still choose to go a different way mainly because I don't like or approve of what he's asking me to do. We are dumb sometimes. But He's gracious. And I love you and your honesty.

rachelcantwell said...

I mean....I ask the Lord TO* order my steps.....

shontell said...

It's true. rebellion. it's the r word.