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Saturday, May 04, 2013

Linking Up With a Gypsy: Brave

Brave: start:

I want to be brave, really. Sometimes I stand at the edge of the diving board (theoretically of course because I scarce know how to swim in the deep end) and let my toes hang over. I stand and practice bending my knees. Arms up. But I just look. That isn't being brave. That's planning to be brave, but planning to be brave isn't brave either.

When God speaks, and you stand, and God speaks, and you take a step with your eyes squeezed shut, and God speaks, and you peak through the squint, and God speaks, and you reach your hands out in an opened position, and God speaks, and you feel the weight lift off, and God speaks, and you open one eye, and God speaks, and you open the other eye, and God speaks, and you step forward with more surety, and God speaks, and you stand tall, and God speaks, and you pick up the pace, and God speaks, and your heart feels poundy, and God speaks, but you do it anyway, and God speaks, and you realize you are running toward His voice not looking left or right or down, only up because everything else is too terrifying. That's brave.

Write for five minutes with no editing or over thinking. Just write on the given topic.
Full disclosure: I didn't know how to spell surety. I looked it up after my five minutes was up. I was way off.


Melinda said...

Love this! Just stopping by from five minute friday. (I love how you "confessed" how you went over the 5 minutes when you looked up a word. Lol. I went hugely over the 5 minutes {more like 25!}...I broke the rules for this one. But I couldn't help it. I love what you said about God speaking. And yes, following His voice IS brave!

Patricia Pitterle said...

OH, I love this one. You are so right. We can be brave as we seek to follow Him.

Denise said...

Wonderful post, love it.