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Friday, February 28, 2014

Seeing Things

Now I know things look a little different here, but those aren't the things I am seeing. I'm not talking about wallpaper and font or type size and quippy titles. I am talking about numbers. Here is a list of numbers that look just a little differently now that it is February. 

13 that's the age of my oldest son. 
2- he's the second kid out of several. 
11.5- his shoe size
5'8"- his height
1- the number of girls he has a crush on 
1- the number of girls he gave a handmade card and a candy bar to this week because she had a birthday. 
4- his age when he began introducing himself as "a pastor here" at our church. 
19- the age he wants to be when he gets married. 
6- his football number when he was just a tiny little sprout
1- the number of girls he has asked to a school dance. 
0- the number of rejections he has received when inviting a girl to a school dance. 
4- the number of inches he has to grow to be as tall as his dad. 
2- his average intake of cheeseburgers. 
2- the number of times he has shaved. 
8- the number of times he has watched Tommy Boy. 
1 gazillion- the number of times he has quoted Tommy Boy. 
Countless- the number of times he has made my heart leap- good and bad. 
I love you my Elijah Daniel. 

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