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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Conversations Before Coffee

I have limits, people. I can't handle certain conversations before coffee or 10 aye em. 

The lady next to me just said the phrase "making love sounds better. Sex is too worldly." 

It's before the coffee time, but she is a 70 year old mother to five; she can say anything she wants and we listen. Usually I am with rapt attention, but Ellen. It's before coffee. 

It's the morning after the birthday party for one of my best sisters. I would add her link here, but the blogger app also has limits before the coffee hour. But if she was here she would say great words like, "you might be a wreck, doll, but you're God's wreck" or "you just gotta put one foot in front of the uthah. Now. Pass me an olive". 

Do you see the people I have to keep up with? I'll never make it. 
Send coffee. 
Send waffles. 
No. Just send the coffee. 
With "syrup". 


No(dot dot)el said...

Ok here's the one I was looking forwa!! I couldn't just come on here and comment only about my Motha!! And then look at how cute we are!!
And btw I stand with Ellen and say that sex is too worldly sounding don't you think Love Making really does sound better? ... Ok maybe not~

shontell said...

agreed. But at 8 aye EM, I can't process that enough.