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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A Giveaway: Because No Reason

Because Sunday was Easter and sunny and beautiful.

Because Monday brought us five inches of snow.

Because Tuesdays aren't only for tacos.

Because there's always room for coffee.

Because sometimes we need to be reminded that we have superhero powers hidden in our smiles.

Or maybe because I love you readers just so much it makes my heart wanna give.

I am giving away a coffee mug. For your coffee, tea, cereal, soup, or hot sauce holder.

Choose between these two:

To enter, simply leave me an answer to my question. Put your thinker on, it's deep.

And sign up for emails over there on my sidebar, so I have a way of contacting you when you win.*

What's your favorite snowed in or stuck in the house memory with your family?

Good Luck! Winner announce one week from today.

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Rebecca Brown said...

Shontell.... gimme that smile mug! :) When I was a kid, I grew up in Alaska, so we had LOTS of snowed-in days. I have one specific memory of sitting at the kitchen table with my sisters and working on those bead "ornaments" that you craft and then throw in the oven to melt. Do you know what I'm talking about? Anyway, we had chocolate milk, lots of beads and a butterfly template. I still remember almost every moment of that project... and I still have my melted butterfly ornament. :)

shontell said...

I love this memory, and I love that you still have this ornament.

Anonymous said...

wings and stars.Dale Lavely

Tisha said...

I would love the smile mug. It was 2005 the first day of the year. We had just gotten 4-5 ft of snow and it was still coming down.We were snowed in and our power was out and some may think how sad but it truly wasnt.We had a fire place and there i sat with my 7 year old son, 3 year old daughter and 2 week old alyssa. We all were snuggled by fire and there we sat and i held each one of them. All i could think of is how amazing, beautiful, luckiest blessed mom in the world that god gave me the most precious gifts and that he picked me to be there mother. It was the first time i felt so much love that it hurt that i felt so complete but so scared at the same time. Just so overwhelmed with the most amazing feelings that i didnt even know i could feel. Still today i am so blessed for all my children. ❤

Shontell said...

Love Love this story. So close to my heart. I had my baby girl during a winter storm in 2004. We were snowed into our apartment, and I had her at home. We were snowed in for a week.
Thank you for your response!

Adam Dahir said...

I remember being snowed in while living with the Locke family my Sophomore year in high school, and we didn't know that we had a snow day until right before we were going to leave. Alyse and I were contemplating as many "get rich quick schemes" that we could do that day, and after making multiple lip sync videos, we went to go shovel people's yards for money. We literally dredged throughout the piles of snow to each persons house for at least 3 blocks and literally nobody said yes. We honestly went to about 25 houses, and began collecting the reasons why the people we talked to didn't need help. There were about 8 or 9 people who said that their brother was coming to do it later, two people who simply told us no, and 4 people who said "come back later!" and we did, and they didn't answer their doors. We ended up shoveling snow for a lesbian couple and I don't think anyone could have done a worse job. It was literally the worst shoveling job I have ever seen! We went back to the house after completely butchering that driveway and made a sweet hot chocolate that made up for how frozen and frustrated we were. This was one of my favorite memories, because I now unfortunately live in Southern California (that doesn't happen).

Shontell said...

Ahaha yes yes aha. This had us in fits of giggles. I read it to the girls. Love this and love you. Thanks for entering ;)

melaroo said...

Are you still accepting entries? Because my husband would kill for that Wonder Woman mug. I mean, I would love it.
Anyway, my favorite snow day memory is from my first snow day ever. I grew up in warm climates--Louisiana, Southern California, Hawaii, Texas, Vegas --so this whole snow thing was so far from my radar, I didn't even really know that "snow days" were a thing.
So after going through some challenging times, we decided that our family needed to relocate, and, like the super intelligent people we are, we decided to move our family cross-country to the state of Virginia. In the middle of winter. ��
This was a difficult time for us, as we didn't know anyone, had no income, and were all struggling with loneliness and sadness because we missed our home and friends and family. I was so worried about the boys and scared that I had ruined everything for them.
We woke up one morning in our tiny apartment to see snow EVERYWHERE outside and somehow knew we had to stay in for the day. Neither of us really knew how to drive in it and geez Louise, it was cold.
So, we made food and snacks and hot chocolate, and snuggled on the couch with my boys, watching the Sound of Music on tv. Later on, the boys excitedly went outside to play and, as I watched them through the window, I saw how happy they were, and i remember thinking that God had given me this tiny gift, this little snow day of peace and happiness, in the midst of the thundering chaos of my life. He reminded me that He loves my boys more than I do. He reassured me that my kids were going to be happy again and that they were going to be okay.
So that's my story. But other than that, I hate the snow.