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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Conversations with babies

My favorite age for children has to be when they are just learning to form words. Especially when most of their vocabulary sounds like dirty words to outsiders. One very special example of this came about on Saturday when my brother and his wife and children were shopping at Costco, browsing the sample section. My sister offered my nephew chocolate and he was concerned that his 18month old sister was getting left out.

Roni (SIS) Makena, do you want some chocolate?

Makena- Cock

My Brother- Umm. Makena wants something else.

Everyone close by- LAUGHTER!!

Cost of a Costco membership-$30/year

Cost of a Costco trip- average of $100

Hearing your daughter say her first dirty word- priceless.


Anonymous said...

ew....Shontell said a dirty word.....yes, yes, truly priceless!

A couple of mos ago (Isaac is learning to read), while sounding out a word, he thought he said and said sh## really loud. He was proud that he could read it, then realized what he said, and went crazy...."Mom, I didn't mean to say that,,,,really!"

Those moments are the best

noel said...

hee hee hee. love the visa commercial at the end.

digapigmy said...

the joys of having older kids (and adults who struggle with language - *cough* me *cough*) is listening to the young child drop all kinds of offensive phrases. it's especially scary when he uses them correctly.

shontell said...

ROFL!! nice Brent. I love when I see behavior in my children as well. Like the dead stare of "you are an idiot." apparently I give that one a lot lol.