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Monday, April 09, 2007

Baby steps

Who knew buying a car could be so chatty. My poor husband. HA! He found us this very pretty vehicle, but the guy selling it has serious chatting skills. I realize this can be a great skill, but it is nothing compared to nun-chuck skills or drawing skills.
The greatest part? On a whim, or prompt from the Holy Spirit, my husband decided to check the Las Vegas RJ classifieds after lots of slow luck in the car hunt. He called these people and they were vacationing in Reno..with the van! He ran out to see it, and they fell in love with Layla Grace. I recommend taking her to any deal.
We are in negotiation with the good ole chatty doctor.
Will keep you updated. Meanwhile, pray for my incredibly
UNchatty husband to be merciful lol.

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