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Friday, April 27, 2007

I am Seriously NOT making this stuff UP!!!

I know you have all heard that there are two kinds of people in this world- those who love Neil Diamond and those who don't. But those are not the two types of people I am going to talk about right now lol. I am going to discuss the "book smarts" and the "street smarts." For those of you who feel you are a fine balance of both, I am here to burst your bubble and say there is just no such thing. My sweet Layla Grace is turning out to be incredibly book smart. I think you know then that she is a bit lacking in the common sense. She is not at all dumb, just incredibly gullible. BUT without her we wouldn't get to hear super stories created in the depths of her churning wheels like this one:

Scene- Yesterday- Mike stays home from work; he is still in bed; kids and I are getting our morning going.

Addison(stumbles across some of Layla's nursing souvenirs: a large rubber glove and a doctor's mask.

Addison(mask on, glove on, with hand up in a "let me check your prostate" position:

Mommy, FUNNY!

Me: Yes, Addie, you are very funny. Go get Daddy. Tell him to "bend over, Daddy!"

Addison: Funny mommy!!

Addison runs quickly to the bedroom where the innocent man is dozing.

Addison(in a loud voice): BEND OVER, DADDY!! HA HA HA FUNNY!!

Meanwhile, we are all giggling in the other room. Addison runs back out to the living room.

Eli: HA HA HA HA Did you say it, Squirrel?

Layla (confused look) :Did he bend over? : /

Me: ROFL!!!!!!

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Jeni said...

Ha ha ha... So funny... Thanks (as usual) for sharing. Even without Layla's response this story would be great, but that just makes it even better.

he hehe he he he... sorry. Still laughing.