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Friday, November 06, 2009

Our Halloween Party Was Better Than Yours Cause...

We had a Batman to save us with all his fancy gadgets, and give us candy to eat while we tricked-and-treated.
We had proud mammas that travelled 500 miles just to take pictures.

We had yum-o sweet potato biscuits (which is what we call LeAnn now) and itty bitty teething pumpkins.
We had smiling baristas handing out genuine iced coffees to the adults who trudged with their little ones for tricks-or-treats.
We had violent coffee pots. And incredibly smiley barista girls.
We had eating children. LOTS of eating children. The children ate, we didn't eat the children.
We had toppings galore...
To accompany our insanely delicious buffet of chili: Turkey Chili, Family Recipe Chili, Family Recipe Chili with a little corn, Kristopher's Jalapeno Chili, Uncle Mike's Come and Get 'Um Antelope Chili...mmm delish.
We had rabid Star Wars characters who couldn't wait for the table before scarfing corn bread.
Tinkerbell stopped by.
And Yoda wished us all great happiness using the force.


Erica said...

what great fun, Shontell! and who's cute kids are tinker bell and yoda!! I will just HAVE to kidnap those kids!!

miss jessica said...

Sooo cute!

A Bit Of Everything said...

Yoda is adorable!