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Sunday, March 28, 2010

When Student Teaching is All Finished

I think I need a list of things to look forward to
and a place to keep all the ideas I have to pass on
during this crazy time. Here goes:

Blow bubbles with Sam and Addie

Play with kids at the park

Go out of town for a night with The Man

Sleep in

Sleep in

Sleep in

Sleep late

Shower for longer than 10 minutes for the heck of it

Re-organize my school closet; it's getting cluttery

Make a delicious and not at all convenient

Re-read my Twilight series--yah, I said it

Find a movie a month to go to with a friend

Date my husband weekly

paint my toes (although, this is something one of you
who love me could do now while I am working on homework, js)

yard work

paint my house-just on the inside

run nonsense errands with my husband and two littlest children

Spend more time with Rosalie

get a new tattoo-something involving my husband whom
I have now been married to for 14 years

there will be more-count on it. I am sick of being a
working mom. Highly overrated.


Erica said...

good to know about the working mom thing...:)

kris and mel said...

hopefully you can visit with me sometime, too. i miss you.