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Monday, June 28, 2010

Right Now

I thought I would balance my flashback post with a current events.

Right now I am:
very sleepy.
Should be completing my homework or sleeping.
Having a sleepover.
Excited to be staying in the Minnie Mouse room at the Cross Family B&B in Sacramento.
Wondering if I will feel Minnie Mouse staring at me all night like she is right now.
Hoping I get to sleep a little.
Praying for confirming dreams for me and my husband.
Proud of my brother for stepping into the gifts God intended for him since he was little.
So grateful for my giftings.
Overwhelmed that God is answering prayers and giving me avenues to use those gifts.
Honored to know the Cross family.
Thrilled to be working with Jessica the pot stirrer.
So encouraged on my road less traveled.
Outtie like a belly button.

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