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Monday, June 21, 2010

Speaking of Beef Jerky

(Yes, I realize the title has zero to do with my post,

but I couldn't come up with a different segue,

and one time a child neighbor said those very words

when we weren't at all speaking of beef jerky.

This has obviously affected my life greatly.)

One second ago I was working on homework.

One minute ago I was recounting how much junk food I have eaten in the last two days.

It wasn't pretty.

One hour ago I was at the grocery store with Miss Layla Grace enjoying her company and realizing for about the hundredth time how beautiful she is.

One day ago I was visiting The Man at the fire station wishing

he could be home for Father's Day, but grateful to God that he has a job to go to.

One week ago I thinking of Africa and wondering how God wants me to love all things African.

One month ago I was thanking God for confirming how little I want to work away from my children and counting the days until the evils of student teaching were over. I was also walking down the graduation aisle blubbering like a girl.

One year ago I was fighting a nervous breakdown as we faced what we thought was a pending layoff. I was addressing the City Council members picturing my self punching our mayor in the neck. I am better now. You can trust me with your children again.

One decade ago I was a mother of one little peanut wishing so much that I lived in Reno, that my husband would grow a beard and listen to country music, and that God would give us more children. BINGO.


A Bit Of Everything said...

I miss you friend.

Erica said...

good know. I have never tried beef jerky in my life. don't really have a desire to. how is it? random question

shontell said... I reeeally enjoy beef jerky. it's the perfect camping snack around the fire.