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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Missing Church

We have missed church the last two weeks, and we are planning to miss again this week. I don't like it. I am not used to it. I really don't skip church. Not even when I was vomiting repeatedly during my Samuel pregnancy. I just sat nearer the bathrooms.
Don't get me wrong. A) going to church doesn't make you or me any holier or Christiany-er 2) I really enjoy my time with my family, and D) I have enjoyed the missing you/mocking your heatheness phone calls.
After my second week of missing, I was bummed. After telling my kids we were going camping this weekend, so we won't be at church this Sunday, they were bummed as well, which made me more bummed.
That's a lot of bums. We went to Reflect Church when we were in Sacramento, which was nice, but not our home. I heart Hillside. I don't trust people who feel otherwise. They are shady.

I have been hanging out with these people.

While I have been busy skipping church and spending time with the fam, I have managed to accomplish the following:

Sorted through all of the clothes in my household to become an emptier vessel.
Threw down a deep cleaning on my laundry room.
Had new friends over for dinner.
Traveled to Santa Cruz, and then traveled to Sacramento.
Camped out at Davis Lake.
Finished and sent out our very first Hands of Hope Missions newsletter! (praise God!)
Finished my bachelor's degree at the University. (another praise to God)
Registered for my master's program at Grand Canyon University!
Snuggled with my husband over countless movies.
Cried a little at the things God wants from me. Growing hurts.
Gave disappointed shoulders to NBC when Michael Scott confirmed his office exit.
Found a friend to put chords to my song.
Recognized I am less amazing than I want to be, but Jesus loves me anyway.
Realized God isn't surprised by how lame I am.
Purchased and planted a fantastic tree in my back yard (by me I mean The Man).
Prayed and heard more reassurance from God during this 30 day bible study than possibly ever before in my whole life.
Contemplated a new tattoo.
Wondered if Moses will be in the Truckee Meadows area.

I was thinking something like this....


Erica said...

Congrats on graduating!! that's huge! and Eli's hair sure has gotten long and curly. just a side note :)

Miss seeing you and your family at church as well :)

A Bit Of Everything said...

I am so excited that you graduated friend. You rock! You go girl. Still missssssssssssssssss ya.

noel said...

WOW... girl you tucker me out just from reading this. Don't forget BREATHE... BREATHE....
Masters degree? hope I don't offend when I say WTF in the most excited, scared, thrilled for you questioning sort of way.
I need to chat with you in real life time one of these days just so I can hear your voice.
And even though Mo has no plans to head down south if you make the trip up North, the ink would be on us!! Just a nudge... be it ever so subtle.

Oh and my word verf- WIFEE.... YES, word verf, I would agree that Shontelly is hands down one of the best WIFEE's out there

noel said...

oh yea, almost forgot. I just really love those people you have been hanging with these days. those are good peeps, not many peeps come close to the Hillside peeps but that Brew Crew has got IT going on!!