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Sunday, August 08, 2010

Stuck in the Middle

About January of this year God began talking to me about all sorts of things. Some good, some new, some reruns that I have not quite worked out, and some that are just plain scary, but ALL that are exciting. Let's face it; when God talks to you, it's amazing.

So, he kept saying these things to me, and about a two weeks ago, I realized he wasn't changing his tune. So I prayed and asked if I was missing out on what he was wanting me to hear. Nope. Loud and clear, I tell ya. He did add a little something at the end.

I looked around and realized I was already somewhere along in the journey I thought I was sitting still and waiting for. I kept thinking, "Man, when this starts, this is going to be awesome." or "I am so excited for this adventure to begin." or "I love that my family is going to experience something new, and God is going to use us." God said, "um...look around you Clown (he often refers to me as Clown, because my inabilities make him laugh in love). You started this journey months ago!"

It was like that story of Paul when the scales fell off his eyes. I was able to see so clearly! I have been working so hard at being at rest and waiting on God (which, if you have met me more than ten minutes ago, you know I am no good at) that I missed EVERYthing he is doing right now and a few minutes ago and a few weeks ago and for the last few months. I was able to look back in a healthy (not like Lot's wife) way and see that I have taken a number of steps in obedience and I am mid-process! I am not waiting for my work to begin! I am in it! God is using me! God is asking, very little things, but he is asking, and I am responding, in very little ways, but I AM responding.
It's also not unlike Bob Wiley's experience being a sailor. AHOY! I'M SAILING! I just let the boat do all of the work!

The end result of what comes of all of that is irrelevant all of a sudden. I am no longer living with my eye on the prize of what's in it for me (for at least 6 hours of my day HA!) and I am focused on living for just right now. This is a new way of living for a girl who exists in a world where only planners go to heaven. (Sorry for your luck)

So, I guess my question is, are you waiting for your journey to begin? Did you know that you are already on it? look around for a minute and take stock in what God is putting in front of your face. You are usable right now. You just need to be available to say yes.

It's true that your journey could be really sucky right now. So what are you going to do about it? I don't know about you, but I like to think God isn't a kidder when he makes promises. So I believe him when he says I am going to get double my reward for the troubles I see in life.

Pastor said something profound today (not limited to or excluding all the rest of the profound things he said today) that I heard already recently. He said, "the bible tells us we have not passed this way before." I don't think that passage means that we are in uncharted territory. I think it means we haven't gone through this crazy life and struggles with the faith in God that we could have had and now look how different it can be! That's encouraging to me, cause alone, I am pretty sucky. But with the teeny tiny faith I hold securely, God is gonna be right there to use it, double it, and give me more. GULP! BABY STEPS INTOOOO THE ELEVATOR!


Liz said...

I love that I have you in my life...and that you are midway into your current journey...and that you make me realize I am too...and to stop planning (I am totally with you about only planners going to heaven) and start just living. XoxOXOox

shontell said...

Liz, thank you for saying big x, little o, little x, big O, big X, big O, little o, little x. back atcha.

noel said...

Not gonna lie, Bob's my favorite. that and forward motion is a beautiful thing.