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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Reach Out a Little

This weekend, our church hosted an outreach in the park hoping to simply love on others. Those are my favorite sort of out reaches. Where people don't understand what they are supposed to do once you give them something. On the way home, we asked the kids to share their favorite part of the morning. Here was my story:

This little boy (about age5-6) was dressed in his little shorts and wife beater, hair in a super awesome long pony tail. He was bowling on the side walk using a little set of pins. I offered to help him by setting the pins up so he could bowl and be amazing. He was hitting strikes and super excited. I say, "go get on that skate board and knock the pins over with your body."

With wide eyes and sheer excitement he asks, "CAN I!?"

To which I reply, "YEEES!"

So he does and he knocks them all down with whoops and hollars and happiness. He gets set for round two while I reload the pins, only this time he is sitting on the board. As he starts to take off, he sort of falls backwards, and I say, "WHoooah! maybe you should be wearing a helmet."

He says with a straight face, "I'm not wearing any underwear."

So I blink in confusion and promise not to look, and he ends our conversation with, "my dad never told me to put them on."

HAHAHAHA! Outreaches ROCK!

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Erica said...

it was cool! man I missed the bowling alley :) too involved in making necklaces