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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Recently I

coached my team to three wins in two days. Bazinga

Prepared a 26 slide presentation with Team Green at GCU.

Took zero headache medicine.

Was adjusted once by a very kind chiropractor.

Ate at least six cookies. mmmm.

Watched three of my favorite premier television shows.

Drove 13 hours for away volleyball games in six days.

Listened to six teenage girls sing the Hairspray soundtrack at full volume. LOVE it.

Lost my voice twice.

Drove with one good looking man to one away game. Goodtimes. The girls call him Mr. Coach.

Snuggled with five very cutie children, all my own.

Began reading four new books.

Said thank you at least six times to a very helpful mother-in-law for keeping the kids.

Taught six foreign exchange students rules about commas.

Received one thank you/encouragement card from the prettiest Korean girl at the school (she is the ONLY Korean girl at the school) tied to a bundle of four dry erase markers.

Opened one accurate fortune cookie that told me all of my hard work would soon be worth it.

I think it was right.

Now, I must sleep.

The end.


Jenene said...

For a sec it looked like you taught 6 foreign language students about comas. I would have liked to have been in that class. Js. word verification is thypet.

A Bit Of Everything said...

Way to go friend!

shontell said...

snort. I regularly remind them we are not learning about comas, because that is how they pronounce it.