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Monday, September 27, 2010

Too Busy To Be A Christian

Do you find that you are too busy with life? I do. I don't want to. In fact, every time The Man and I drive somewhere other than here, I am pointing out places that would make a great homestead for a commune. We have some of you picked out to join us. Obviously we are basing your invite on your skills, number of children, likeability, and of course, looks. I am just saying our children will need to procreate and I don't want no ugly grandbabies.

Anyhoo, I feel like I keep trying to find more time for this, that, and the other (why these things are always on my list of things to accomplish I have no idea!)but it isn't working. Some days I have time for this; for example, this morning I took a shower. Other days I have time for that; for example, I read a book this week. Not a whole book, only a part of one, but I read.
When I began analyzing further, I realized the first things to go seem to be anything regarding my health and well being and the attention I give to others in need. AKA I am too busy to be a Christian. I prefer to keep my head low, disregard other people's needs, and hurry and get through so I can get to the next event.

Let me say this clearly so you understand me (and then maybe it will sink into my shriveled brain):
The end.

Things I miss due to my stupid lifestyle:

Having others over to the Brewer House for coffee or otherwise
playing my guitar
reading for long periods of time and not wanting to fall asleep instantly
coffee and books in bed
dancing and singing showtunes with my kids across the kitchen
family reading hour
playing outside
clean bathrooms. They are just eh right now.
an updated calendar
empty email boxes
snail mail letter day (everyone should celebrate this)
nonsense phone calls with friends
bible study with my friends RB and ML

This last one is getting fixed. Actually, many of these will resume after October 24th, where I will be committing to more of the right things. But, Hillside Foursquare Church on Sutro will be hosting Ladies' Scrap Night on Tuesdays from 7-10pm beginning October 26th. I will be your hostess with the mostest.
As for everything else,


A Bit Of Everything said...

Well written friend. Do not keep your head low Heavenly Sister....The bigger picture is something to see and live....but ya what...
Ya...scrapping is the bomb!

Jenene said...

i want to move there just for the scrap nights. sign me up.

shontell said...

YAY scrap nights! It's just like the good ole times! Only better :)