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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Izzy Up Close

This is Isabelle's contribution to the family photo. Apparently she felt her job was to out beauty everyone in a ten mile radius. When does she hit her gangly, awkward stage? I specifically remember someone mentioned a gawky preteen would be taking her place for awhile. When will THAT girl show up? Instead I have a 25 year old 12 year old. I am grateful Mike Brewer owns a gun.


Anonymous said...

mo said, mike should be worried. I will remind him about his many guns!

word verification was resse ;)

kari said...

That's a great pic of her! Come on, would you expect anything different. She gets it from you :)You're both beautiful.

shontell said...

:) AW thanks (blush).
Jo, we are very nervous. Sigh. She isn't even wearing makeup yet!