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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

And This Guy

I mean, we have already been over his hotness. I know what you are thinking. "What more is there to discuss?" Well, I will tell you. Here are a few things you don't know about this guy that make him more than lovable:

He gets incredibly excited about those free address labels that randomly come in the mail. INCREDIBLY.

He likes to eat a whole lotta junk food while he watches The Biggest Loser. Who doesn't.

He prays. I really like that about him. Especially when he begins his prayers with, "dear baby Jesus." sigh.

He is addicted to Craig's List. That man gets on Craig's List like that kid on Mall Rats gets on that escalator. I have recommended he join a support group.

He can paint a room without taping it off. It's like his hands are magic just like Heart said they are. Magic hands, Mamma. I keep telling him it would make an excellent side job.

1 comment:

Elizabeth Shepherd Dean said...

I think he should come to Jacksonville (you guys can come too) and paint Gabby's room....because I suck at painting. Just saying. ;P

p.s. I am only 2 hours from disney world.