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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Ghost Ride the Whip (Family Talent Show 2010)

So, every year our family has a talent show as our after dinner Thanksgiving entertainment. Some people bowl, some people watch football, but we have a talent show. Everyone is required to participate. Here is Kristopher and Melissa's contribution. They felt their talent could best be described in a made for YouTube video.


noel said...

that right there is actually a quite substantial video. those two could really quit their day jobs and go for the whole video rock star lifestyle. please tell them for both mo and myself that they get serious props for that one!! did they win?

shontell said...

LOL so great! We don't pick winners, but their boys probably would have won because they were equally as hilarious!!

noel said...

well that song just won't ever be the same. and i could imagine their spawn being equally as talented, in fact i think i have seen one of them already in a video with weezy and it was pretty dang funny!