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Friday, March 11, 2011


I do not sleep well when my husband is out of town. My mind goes a gazillion miles per hour and no longer coincide with my body schedule the second The Man leaves the city. Yesterday, he and some other boys drove to Nampa, Idaho to test for their fire department. I made my kids tuck me in for a change of pace and read Water for Elephants until my eyes were bleary. About three hours into the middle of the night, I awoke and couldn't go back to sleep. I turned my side table lamp on and finished reading. That's making lemonade out of lemons. It was truly happiness. In addition to finishing my book in about two days, I came up with this list of nonsense beating down my proverbial door:

  • Make a list; keeping this stuff in my mind is making me crazy
  • Pick up nonsensical degree verification form from University of Phoenix
  • See if Whole Foods accepts food stamps, cause I really like their pop tarts and salmon
  • Get boxes
  • Pack master bedroom closet- after heavily junking most of it
  • Plan songs for bible study worship time
  • Practice song for Sunday, communion
  • Get fingerprints fingerprinted AGAIN and mailed out
  • Compile application bits and mail out for WA teacher certification
  • Fill out applications for teaching next year in about ten different school districts
  • Return the pile of books I seem to have accumulated from Pastor Lou
  • Find a new book to read, 'cause this one is almost finished
  • Update calendar
  • Shower (yes. I put it on my list)
  • Switch the laundry before it goes rank
  • Send No(dot dot)el my itinerary for our trip to visit her
  • Send a reminder text to weekend babysitter
  • See if anyone wants to be entertained by one of my kids for the weekend
  • Send encouraging texts to The Man
  • Send out a newsletter for Hands of Hope Missions
  • Make a few phone calls for student sponsors for HOHM
  • Sleep, I think my sleeper is broken
  • Fix alarm clock, it's still blinking from our power outage
  • Plan menu for the week
  • Work on homework
  • Grade papers
  • Update online grading system for my students
  • Trade lives with someone with a smaller list


Liz Dean said...

Whole Foods totally takes food stamps. :)
You need to add (bullet point) Call Liz because it is Saturday and I can talk to her for free. :)

Shontell said...

haha. I would put that on my list, but I am about to run five miles. Then I will die.

noel said...

You my friend make me chuckle.
Leave room in your suitcase for some good reads to take back with you.