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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Things I Like, Like: 'cause we were roomates in college

Friends- the show and my real ones

Saturday morning bible study

Coffee at said function, and anywhere really

My laptop

Worship time and the music that goes with it

Books in a series when it's a well written story


How Addison shakes her leg to the beat of any Taylor Swift song;
it's more of a knee pop

Really amazing books that challenge me to be a better Christian and less self absorbed

The fact that I can say things to my friends and know that if they are judging me, they are trying not to and want to love me anyway

Thrift store finds- happiness

Acoustic guitar paired with good lyrics and a good vocalist aka Rebecca Brown

Mike Brewer.. I think we have been over this; try to keep up, people


Rebecca said...

My husband says, "Try to keep up, cutehead, try to keep up" with a smirk on his face about 4 times a day to me (I'm cutehead in this quote, FYI). It made me laugh when I read it in your blog tonight. Love you friend. =)

noel said...

sigh... i like coffee too :) and thrift stores. can't wait to go shop til we drop at all the ones up here when you move here that is.