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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

I Am

  • Officially half way through my master's program at Grand Canyon University
  • Enjoying a pajama day filled with two cups of coffee, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, homeschooling, homework, and a husband who returned home from yet another trip
  • Grateful my husband's job doesn't usually ask him to travel; I like him at my beckon call
  • Fully in love with acoustic guitar music
  • Wishing I were better at producing it, but realizing it is because I don't practice nearly enough
  • 29 hours early with turning in my homework and feeling overwhelmed with the possibilities with my free time
  • Thinking I am going to settle on showering, lesson planning for the remainder of the school year for those lovable high schoolers of mine, and a little guitar practice
  • Needing to fully learn my song to sing A Capella
  • Excited for Easter this year more than usual
  • Going to watch Passion of the Christ
  • Reading through Matthew with my short people and enjoying our conversations
  • Really going this time, not like the kid on the Nestle Toll house Cookie commercials

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