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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

What Are We Up To?

Packing. The end. NO WAIT!!

We invite all of you to say good-bye to us over appetizers and desserts at Erin Harrison's house from 6:30-9 open house style. We hope to see you all there. Miss you already.
The Brewers of Reno....for now.

Oh yes. Erin said it help to mention this will take place this Sunday the 17th. Text me for her address.


mohap247 said...

RRRRRRRRRRR... that was not enough notice for me to get there. Have a LOT of yummy things for me... consider it my present...since my presence cannot be your presents. *sigh* Enjoy Idaho! YAY!!!!

shontell said...

I would like to present you with my presence in a monologue from the made for TV mini series Roots. But I can't cause you aren't here.

Erin said...

Also... you may want to post the date of the goodbye... That way I don't have goodbyers showing up willy nilly from now until then.