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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Are Those Earbuds in Your Ear or Are You Ignoring Me?

Sometimes my kids will approach me while I am concentrating heavily on my homework as it appears on my computer screen, ear buds blasting tunes, brows furrowed over my glasses, fingers typing frantically, and they will talk. And talk. And talk. Minutes later I look up, probably with the stupid look of befuddle and say, "Um. Are you talking?" They usually role their eyes and storm away with their own furrowed for a different reason eyebrows.

Was it something I said?

Other times, my kids will wear headphones in public and pretend to beat box. I appreciate both times for different reasons.


Erin said...

seriously. you should have put a can on the ground, they could have raked in some dough.

shontell said...

ahahaha except Sam sort of looks like he is going to vomit